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Do you agree...."The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure"?

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    Failure and Success is part of ur life. So if u want to success than u must know the definition of failure.

    Fear of failure retards our quest for success; the chicken-hearted ones are most affected.

    Unfortunately, even after knowing this we tend to fear for the failure

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    Yes I agree. Fear of failure prevents a person to attempt and take risks. A fearful person will not even try and therefore could not achieve what he could after trying and finishing.

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    FEAR OF Failure is the most important part of getting success. fear is always dangerious for any kind of success.if u have fear of failure in ur mind u never get success &ocationally u got it u have no that much satisfaction.

    so forget fear .

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    Yes I Agree

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    For me, it's the lack of motivation. I actually don't fear for failure..

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    Fear of success is right up there, too.

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    it is one of the barriers to success

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    No actually it's just quiting or overdoing your workload then quiting through fatigue.

    And then never starting again.

    Best Wishes.

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  • A whooping success itself can bar a second success. because of complacency

    Source(s): Learning a lot from contacts
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