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Question for those who equate atheism with nihilism: What is the purpose and meaning of GOD's life?

Who determined God's purpose or reason for existing?

And if God can exist without some externally-defined meaning or purpose, why couldn't humans?

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    brain hurts, not in bible, cannot find answer, does not compute does not compute (Michael Bay caliber EXPLOSION!!!)

    Basically the problem is they are trying to attach a supernatural meaning to a natural life based in reality.

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    Some theists do equate atheism with nihilism of course the nihilist asserts much more than simply " a lack of beliefs in God[s]"

    Nihilism asserts much more than simply a lack of a "purpose or reason for existing" as well.

    Philosophically Nihilism asserts that human life is meaningless and that all religions, laws, moral codes, and political systems are thoroughly empty and false.

    Now, "religions" and "moral codes" aside not many people (I hope not you solliel ;)) believe that all of our "laws" and "political systems" are thoroughly empty and false.

    I'm not sure if you want me to argue the Nihilists position as irrational as it suggests that even a subjective "right" and "wrong" is meaningless. A self defeating position IMO.

    Lot's of people are atheists, few are nihilists... If they've rationally considered what it means.

    Nothing means everything to the nihilst.. they can not even accept that 2+2=4 it means nothing.

    Essentially they can neither argue the validity of their position or their individual right to retain it.

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    I don't equate atheism with nihilism, although I am convinced that a logically consistent atheist will become a nihilist. In answer to your question, God is self-existent. That's part of how theism defines the term. Inherent in that is the assertion that purpose is not a term that can be applied to God. Purpose (objective) is always assigned. At least I cannot think of a single counter example to this. Perhaps you can, and I'd be interested to see your reasoning if you do come up with one. So the question becomes 'who could possibly assign objective purpose to the Creator's existence?'. As I'm sure you know, trying to do that leads to paradox. Since God is the ground of all existence, there can logically be no one to assign purpose to Him.

    Humans, on the other hand are not self-existent. We are contingent beings, owing our existence to something beyond ourselves. God has assigned a purpose to us-- we are to bear His image. That is the reason for our existence. The logic error non-nihilistic atheists make is pretending this doesn't obtain in their case. Ignoring the fact that a contingent being cannot assign objective purpose to it's own existence, you guys try to lift yourselves by your own bootstraps. At this point you become illogical. You actually employ a nihilistic assertion of naked will to create meaning for your existence apart from any rational considerations at all. You are, of course, free to do so. The trouble is, and history bears this out, your private purpose does nothing to ensure that others should recognize that purpose. When confronted with injustice wedded to power as in Stalinism the atheist has no moral authority to challenge the right of the State to do whatever it deems fit to ensure its own survival.

    Private purpose (and morality) can work out in a culture that still operates on a predominately theistic paradigm, but when that disappears you are truly left in the jungle. Humankind then separates into two groups: sheep and wolves. Sheep make rules to protect themselves from the wolves, but the wolves certainly do not feel bound by such arbitrary precepts. Power becomes the ultimate coin of the realm. I'm sure you're perceptive enough to see exactly that happening in the Western democracies. We no longer try to persuade one another regarding social policy. We battle through the courts and legislative branches of our governments. Power, not persuasion, is how we now make social decisions. I am convinced that the reason for this is that we no longer share a common understanding of our purpose. Your world of private purpose is bearing poisonous fruit.

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    God exists without humans defining his purpose. God is the potter we are the work of his hand.

    God gave us free will and you, wrongly, chose your own meaning and purpose and excluded God from your life and that of your offspring..

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    Reading Chucks' response has given me a migraine of Biblical proportions.

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    so ur trying to equate urself to God...u r a mere human...whom God chose to exist...u r not his one determined God's purpose...He did...He is all powerful...once u understand that (or want to) then u will get to know God better...human came from God's creation...we needed a creator...we didnt just pop out of nowhere...just like u have an earthly mother n father...whom had sex to conceive u...someone had to concieve us...cant make something out of nothing...something (God) has always and will always be there...

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    well, life is definitely not in the cats section that's for sure.

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    Good question! What is god's purpose? Is it to torture and torment humanity?

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    god is eternal - the alpha and omega - god doesn't have a purpose - he purposes.

    pick any one or make up one - any made up answer will do - just like the rest of the bible/koran/tora etc.

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