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i am thinkin of buyin a chevvy cruze? wats ur opinion on it?

i hav done a lot of research n narrowed down to 3 cars

cruze LTZ

civic V MT

altis GLS

i think among these the cruze is the best choice.

plz give ur suggestions n review on these cars(especially the cruze being a new car) or any other car u think.

my max budget is 15lacs.

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  • Sumit
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    See civic is an excellent vehicle but suffers from low ground clearance issue which you simply can't ignore & Altis is good, reliable but has nothing that excites you. So now you are left with cruze & I'd say that it is simply the best option, has looks, performance & features so what more you want? Now I'd suggest you to go for the newly launched Cruze LTZ Automatic which comes with 6 Speed Automatic gearbox as the manual version suffers from turbo lag.

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