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I was searching for details on Dracaena, can anyone please help?

I was searching for details like how to take care of the plant and how to propagate it.

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    If you are planning to grow Dracaena at home, you need to understand the varieties of Dacaena available in the market. There are two varieties of Dracaena, dragon tree variety of daracena which can be grown outdoors and shrubby dracaena which can be grown indoors. If you are planning to grow indoor dracaena, you need to take special care of the plant.

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    Easy to grow and propagate. Cuttings will root in clear containers of water or by using rooting hormone (rootone) and placing in moist soil. If you like you can air layer also. More care info: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=dracaena+care&fr=...

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