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Why killing plants does not come in nonveg?

We say that eating nonvegetarian means killing animals and eating them...and when we eat only veg that means plants, green leafy veg, etc., dont we kill plants? so why that does not come in nonveg category? i dont eat nonveg and tell others that dont kill animals just for eating them, but when they ask me that why do u kill plants, i have no why is it that killing animals n eating means nonveg and killing plants n eating means veg, n the fact is that we kill both?

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    You definitely have some points but over all eating plants is a better way than eating animals as it causes less harm to the planet and definitely less cruel. I will give some arguments in support of my view.

    Plants—unlike animals—are insentient beings void of central nervous systems, lungs, hearts, kidneys, intestines, blood, ears and eyes. They do not defecate or urinate, and have no ability to feel pain or experience a plethora of emotions. Nobody screams in horror when their neighbors are mowing the grass either (grass is a plant too). But if our neighbors were slicing pigs into pieces on the front lawn, there would be tears, physical interventions and the proper authorities would be summoned to stop the bloodshed. Plus, if people honestly believe it's wrong to eat plants, they could always choose the ultra-vegan lifestyle of fruitarianism (eating the fruits and nuts that fall from

    Furthermore, meat-eating societies destroy more plants than vegan ones. In America, 70-80 percent of crops (corn, wheat, oats and soy) are fed to the 10 billion land animals who are killed annually. Worldwide, 60-70 percent of the plants are fed to around 50 billion land animals. So if humans stopped eating flesh, then fewer plants would be harvested and less land would be used/destroyed as well. Veganism is still the ONLY answer to this issue because fewer beings (sentient and insentient) would die if humans – who are physiologically herbivorous anyway – ate plants directly. Even The Council for Science, Technology and Agriculture, a group of animal ag people, stated in the early 90s that all the crops in America could feed every human on this planet if plants were consumed directly.

    There's a Law of Reciprocity in existence and this is shown via the seed that all fruits of plants (including trees) contain! What is removed is replaced in Nature. When you kill an animal, LIGHTS OUT! That's it! Animals don't contain seeds within them that allow for 100 more creatures to return in their stead.

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    Plants - No blood, No Flesh, No senses, No emotions = Food

    Animals - Blood, Flesh, Senses, emotions = Not Food.

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