Why do i have penile burning and itching?

Dear all,

I am Nabin Khanal from Nepal and, i would like to tell you all of you that i am suffering from penile itching,which is distressing me a lot, and hamperong my educational, personal, and social life. I feel embarassed to go any where, because of itching. By this, i have missed lot of oppurtunities and chances.So, i want to tell you that i have not done any sexual contact, just masturbate once time in 4 days. I feel uneasy in night., and while i scratch a lot it results red and large, which make me to do urine uneasy.Thus, i am searching a good treatment for this problem, please tell me, good answer, and such answers would be voted for the best.

Pls tell me right treatment.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    are you pulling the foreskin back when washing,i think that hindu's aren't circumcised

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