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ACNE PROBLEM!!! please help?

I have this acne problem for about 2 years.i have tried both allopathy and homeopathy and my pimples have greatly reduced.Now i do not have pimples but my skin is still reddish,it doesn't look good as i'm white.plz suggest some remedies so that my skin becomes clean and glowing


does pro-activ really work

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    i too had same prob

    trust me.........use clean nd clear facewash(do not use its cleanser).........

    it'll really work..........

    nd avoid applying any makeup or creams...........u can use johnson's baby lotion if u want..........

    all d best

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    Use Benzoyl Peroxide for Acne

    Benzoyl peroxide is a topical treatment used to kill the bacteria in and around the pores of the skin.

    # Wash hands. Before doing anything else be sure to wash hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap. This helps to prevent the transfer of oils and bacteria from your fingers onto your face.

    # Wet face and clean it with a gentle facial cleanser. Cetaphil and Dial, or generics of them, are popular cleansers for those who have acne. They contain ingredients that do not irritate the skin and they don't strip the skin of its natural oils.

    # Dry face. Gently pat the face dry with a towel. Wait a few minutes to be sure it has completely dried.

    # Apply a thin layer of benzoyl peroxide gel or cream to the trouble spots. Some people choose to cover a thin layer over their entire face.

    # Apply a moisturizing gel. Wait just a few minutes and then apply a moisturizer. Moisturizers come in gel and cream or lotion forms and most people with acne find that gels work better for them. Clinique and H20 make great moisturizing gels that will not clog pores.

    # Repeat this routine every night. Benzoyl peroxide can be very drying so it's best to start using just once per day, then more as needed as long as the skin can tolerate it. In the morning, simply cleanse and moisturize then treat the skin at night with Benzoyl peroxide to clear up acne.

    Tips & Warnings

    * Benzoyl peroxide for acne is available in 3 strengths: 2.5%, 5% and 10%. Many find that 10% is too harsh, so it's best to begin with 2.5 or 5% benzoyl peroxide.

    *Benzoyl peroxide will bleach fabrics so cover your pillowcase with an old towel to prevent bleach spots.

    * If dryness or peeling occurs, reduce usage.

    Source(s): for more hair and skin care tips
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    You might want to change your diet a little. Include more leafy greens, water and say no to fried food. You can also make some home made face scrubs here

    However if you want some dermatologist answers in addition to my help you can view them in the articles store where you can check solutions from dermatologist and experts.

    I hope this is what you were looking for.

    Good luck

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    If you change your food menu you will definitely get the result.drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day and eat vegetables,fruits. Do not go for fried items and chocolates. wash the face 3times per day.make a habit to do yoga and aerobics.

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    consult a dermatologist or a skin clinic like Kaya they could help you out. They have a service specially for acne scar reduction you could try that here is the link

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    I tried it for 2 days and it cleared up my acne around 25%. IN 2 DAYS! im so happy. =] just put it all over ur face for 20 minutes then wash it off with baby shampoo. dont use liquid handsoap though. and dont touch ur face at all. i know its hard, but just try not to.

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    avoid oil food,junk food.

    drink lots of water.

    keeps your skin clean.

    use alovera 2 or 3 times per a day.

    it really works wonders.

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    you should go to a dermatologist or if you dont want to go you can get a neutrogena oil-free soap which costs about $5 at any pharmacy

    Source(s): my sister used this and it helped ALOT
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    theres a clinique red reducing kit at Macys.

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    I have found some good tips in following link, It may be good for you too

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