Did the Royal Enfield use indigenous technology for its motorcycles right from the start?

Who started the RE Company,an english or an indian?

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    A duo of Englishmen named Robert Walker Smith and Albert Eadie started Enfield Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Redditch, Worcestershire, England in 1893.

    The original company went defunct in 1971, and was later bought by Indian interests who appreciated the Enfields for their ruggedness (as seen in their service as transportation for the Indian military.)

    Source(s): Royal Enfield fan and admirer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Enfield
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    Enfeild motorcycles when at their peak exported whole bikes in CKD order

    Complete Knock Down,

    In otherwords the bikes were supplied in component form with a mechano/airfix type manual which was a series of photos or line drawings in a particular order, there were not even written instructions.

    The original assembly plant was manned by workers who though technically skilled were trained by demonstration; as you can imagine this was very derogatory; but the CKD vehicles was a way of boosting indian markets and revenue, the morris minor the old morris oxford the Landrover seriesii and even lorries were supplied to india Africa and central america and Spain in this form. India and spain were the only countries that embraced this and then started building vehicles under licence

    This is why you can reimport vehicles that are pre 1973 built as they were and are still classed as UK bikes and will qualify for tax exemption even though they have been totally rebuilt and the engines replaced.

    Enfeild also invented the Deisel motorbike using a HATZ deisel from a water pump or a James deisel engine both popular in india and used on waterpumps and again supplied in CKD and also later manufactured in india.

    Now the bikes are totally built in india and now imported into the UK this is the reason they no longer pass the homologation test and unless accepted can only be registered for UK roads once modified or subject to SVA, this is why only a small part of the full range is imported into the UK

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    The old school Royal Enfield was a nearly direct copy of a '50s Brittish bike. The new ones are much improved and use what could be called indigenous technology since it was developed by the current company.

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    I'm not sure what "indigenous technology" means, but RE Bullet has remained unchanged for decades after the company closed. in 1971. Sounds like Brit technology, to me.

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    Royal Enfield started in England and would have used locally manufactured gearboxes and engines until they started to manufacture their own.

  • the company was originally a british company and they built a plant in india which has been building a good bike with the old technology ever since

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