Hello Gals, Can you please let me know how can we have hair more healthy,long & more dense.?

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And please refer some good shampoo which can help to remove my dandruff as well as can make more healthy. please help me out.
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I personally use Aussie sydney smooth, and so does my brother. I actually got dandruff from using heads and shoulders so I wouldn't recommend that product. My brother, however, has no dandruff and everyone (literally) says how soft and cool his hair is

depending on where you live it is about $3

You can purchase it anywhere (except food maxx sometimes)
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  • nimy answered 4 years ago
    wash the hair day by day put the olive oil when you are going to wash the hair. I personally use dove shampoo it protect my hair
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  • Kalsjhd answered 4 years ago
    # Trim your hair regularly—half an inch a month at the most and every three or four months at the least. Clipping the ends keeps the strands healthy and strong. At the same time, it removes split ends.

    # eat healthy

    # Limit the amount of chemicals you put in your hair. Over use of perms and color can damage the hair shaft.

    # Massage your scalp regularly to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp to promote growth.

    # try this great effective remedy , it will make wonders on ur hair and u will get rid of dandruff

    mix castor oil + olive oil
    apply it on ur hair for 4 hours


    for more hair and skin care tips

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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Drink ad-least 8 cups of water a day, it keeps it healthier. Certain fruits and vegetables can help the hair growth. Don't brush your hair when it is wet, it makes it more likely to damage which slows growth. Head & Shoulders would be good for your dandruff.
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  • someone answered 4 years ago
    oo my hair sounds like urs!!
    may sound general but use head and shoulders!
    i used to use herbal essences, but that gave my hair too much dandruff.
    and garnier fructis made my hair too tangled.
    and pantene made my hair to dry,
    but head and shoulders gives ur hair volume, shine, and no dandruff!!!!
    it really makes ur hair healthy.
    for the long part, if ur hair is straight then it will get long.
    making it long has to do more with the way ur hair natural is (mine is wavy)
    good luck!


    recommend head and shoulders!
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  • Andrew H answered 4 years ago
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