Was i Correct in doing this?.?

I hve a very gud frnd whom i had fallen in love with.But tht was sme time before, now we are good friends(working in the same office).She has a boyfriend who i feel is cheating her, he doesnt wants to get married to her n neigther wants to leave her.I get irritated when she goes with him or talks to him.I asked her to move ahead in life and forget him.She says she cant do that.I also said that if she cant leave him then its difficult for me also to see her going in a wrong way.Now we are not talking to each other.Since i used to get irritated often.I thought its better for me to stay away from all this.Was i correct in doing this?


Guys and Gals!!!....please answer this...its very important for me coz i dont want to lose a nice friend( from 3yrs)because of a third person.

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    1 decade ago
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    You told your friend she should dump her boyfriend because he doesn't want to marry? I think you're in the wrong. Ask yourself why you want to marry. Most people I've asked can only say "It shows your commitment" or some rubbish. When you see the divorce rate is about half the marriage rate, and that in most cases the woman gets a much better deal including child custody, it's not surprising some people don't want to marry. I mean, what do you gain from it? It's faster to describe your relationship. what do you lose? Thousands of dollars from the wedding, the freedom to move on, etc. There's just no good reason to from my point of view.

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    Wrong,you should look first for the evidences then if you really found the evidences it's the right time to tell her what you meant.

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    1 decade ago

    yes..absolutely. you did the right thing. as a friend you tried to guide her but if she does not take ur advice and does not know to move on in life then its her problem. you should stay away from all this.

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    1 decade ago

    You ought to try a little Harder in convincing her


    You're in love!!!!!

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