Should i walk out or compromise?

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hey em worken as a PA to my boss in 1 of the foremost companies here in blore.. he always treats me as his gf.. but i don treat him as his bf.. he tries to touch me, kiss me, etc more
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
are you there to work as a professional-career wise or you are there for some different reasons? if you are a professional you shouldn't let these things happen between you and any colleague. Warn him, and if he continues, leave there.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    leave ur job
    n move on
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  • cool em answered 4 years ago
    Slap him. .
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  • Ans Pls answered 4 years ago
    just walk out...... You feel bad about his behaviour right.. then leave ur job and come out..
    I've a doubt..So u r not a doctor right..
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  • shaikhm answered 4 years ago
    Why do you want to leave the company? Report abuse. Usually all big companies have separate department where u can report your complaints. Such department r directly under the top boss of the company. But be well prepared with ur complaint with all details if they ask.

    If such dept doesnt exist, then go to the MD or any Director by taking prior appointment. Do not report to any middle level manager or colleagues.
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