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i want to know the diff b/w physical and chemical change help me immediately?

phys & chemical

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    A physical change is a change in size, shape, state or solution. You still have the same material.

    A chemical change produces a new material you did not have before. It is signified by the production of a gas, an odor, a precipitate, a color change or a great change in energy.

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    Physical changes include changes in physical properties of a material as temp, pressure, shape etc. Physical changes can be temporary or permanant. Temporary as in boiling of water, after some time it cools. Its temp. is back to normal. Permanant as in hole in street. you can fill it, make it smoother using "other material". It cannot be brought back to its original state w/o external material.

    Chemical changes are those which occur due chemical reactions. Like change in taste, a cup of tea, tea leaves taste bitter, sugar is sweet but resultant tea does not taste like either of its constituents!

    Tats because of chemical change! photosynthesis for example in which ground water and minerals are converted into food is chemical process. All that water and minerals and sugars undergo chemical changes to prepare food!!

    I hope it solves your difficulty.

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    A physical change is which you can touch, smell, taste or feel.

    A chemical change occurs differently you may or may not feel the above things.

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    physical change is a change in dimensions like size shape it is visible.

    chemical change in properties like volume density it is not visible

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    physical changes are the changes which are reversible and chemical changes are changes which are irreversible....

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    physical change is nothing but the change of outer surface or outer appearience

    chemical change is nothing but the change caused internally......

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