Do Creationists feel that belief in evolution and belief in God are mutually exclusive?

I have a hard time understanding why God, who created this Universe and all Natural laws, could not have created a world where natural selection is one of the pathways for adapting to change.

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    10 years ago
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    It's impossible to believe both while remaining credible. It's either/or. Had one apostle or Jesus disputed the creation account, then we'd have something against Moses, but also an unbelievable basis for God's salvation plan. But nothing like that was said. They endorsed the creation account.

    Complex life forms appeared, proved by fossils, suddenly. However, calling the deepest "oldest" is a deception. There were and remain deepest marine lifeforms, some fossilized, most not. Much is made of land form animals, but the truth is probably 95% of life forms and volume of fossils are from deep marine environments. The nature of those animals is to always be deposited much lower in mud strata than highland animals. The amazing trick is how so many got lithified while preserving and fossilizing dying animals and plants without being flooded, covered by an ocean all along. I digressed. As one looks to higher elevations to sea level, then onto shores, then upper land masses, you will find altogether different life forms, recorded in rock strata by the same order as demonstrated today. The big problem is almost always plant and animal remains decompose rapidly, leaving no trace.

    Would anyone care to go drag up a deep sea shark and say it is much older than an eagle circling the tallest mountain? Both might be the same age, but if a world flood came suddenly today, each would be deposited in their respective depth or elevation. 500 million years from now some wayward paleontologist might decree, as do his predecessors do today, that shark had to have lived 200 millions of years before the eagle, since it was in a deeper strata. That should be the model by which we "age" fossils. The current dating methods are deeply flawed, unreliable, and deliberately abused. We are really only categorizing their environments by species. None are shown to change into another. Some BELIEVE that happens because they want to believe that rather than acknowledge existence of a God to be accountable to.

    There is no fossil record prior to existence of Stromatolites, which represent Earth's "oldest" fossils represented by a vast array of living Stromatolites. Living fossils. The oldest cherts bearing Precambrianfrom "pre-Cambrian" ages are found around the globe, also showing a huge array of varieties, all developed in places not favorable to other forms of life, like around deep marine volcanic vents and their SO2 clouds today. There is no indication they evolved into higher life forms. No fossil "leads up" to more complex animal forms. Each suddenly appears. Some speculate man had our earliest life-beginnings among those. There is absolutely no evidence to support evolution of man from other life forms. It has gone from the absurdity of modern man emerging from some common ancestral animal shared by modern apes, to the laughably ridiculous linking us to slime.

    What evolutionists too often call evolutionary links are but different individual animals of one species. We've had a lot of dogs, from poodles to blue tick hounds, all very different, but all still dogs. However they breed, they would "devolve" into Heinz 57 dogs if left to themselves long enough. We had a wild dog eradication project here 20 years ago, eliminating wild packs that began as drop-offs, abandoned pets. Original residents here remember seeing different breeds in the packs, but all took on a "mutt" look, all the same colors and sizes.

    There is no scientific reason to abandon the Bible's declaration of life origins. No Christian should accept "flesh" answers about life. A Christian can easily be a respected paleontologist holding opposed to evolution by a string of mutations through "natural selections". Any observer of nature should know animals tend to keep purity of their "kind" by selection of the best representatives, not mutated ones. The weak or disfigured male bird is ignored by the female. He must have the array of feathers she is looking for. She will not take the one with the deformed wing or even extra pair of wings, or any other defect. Mutations at birth almost always result in early death, their lives hard enough with all parts in perfect order.

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    I don't believe in evolution in the form of molecules to man. I only believe in small changes and variations within a kind of animal, also known as micro evolution. Natural selection only selects, it does not create new kinds of animals. And survival of the fittest is more like survival of the luckiest. My belief in creation and seeing the evidence for it makes my belief in God much stronger.

  • Adam and Eve couldn't have been because of evolution. God supposedly "wrote" the bible. If He wrote Adam and Eve and that story isn't true, then God lied, which makes him imperfect, thus, He does not exist in the fashion of omnipotence and perfection.

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    Yes, there I have seen some Creationists on the Internet say that evolution and theism are incompatible. There's also atheists like Richard Dawkins and Desiree who seem to agree.

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  • 10 years ago

    The god creationists worship must fit inside the narrow, literal interpretations of scripture.

  • David
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    10 years ago

    Sadly, many of them do. The Bible tells us that in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth, but it nowhere states when or how.

  • 10 years ago

    I never studied all about evolution, and all I know is the story of creation is enough for me.

  • They are mutually exclusive.

    Why the selective punctuation of god's involvement?

    god started the big bang, but then left everything alone until the earth came around. then he started life, and left things alone until christ came along, then he had sex with mary who gave birth to the very same then he scapegoated himself and circuitously committed suicide, whereupon he has left things alone ever since. that is until he and his son, himselves, came and talked to joseph smith.

  • Their grounds for belief are as baseless as your own

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