I just want to know what is the procedure to apply for a USMLE exams?

i also want to know electives and researches at undergraduate level are useful or not?

publications in any research paper do they count in USMLE score?

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    United States Medical Licensing Examinations - USMLE are a set of medical exams designed to evaluate your readiness to safely enter the American medical system. The organisation that watches over the application of foreign nationals to the American Medical system is the ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) and they administer the USMLEs outside of the USA.

    You can get complete information about USMLE exam and related information from this web site link.


    Also try these:




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    it all begins with registering in ecfmg website if you are foriegn graduate...then you have fill some forms as stated by that website.

    for details visit


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