Design calculations for thickness of plate?

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Am doing a mini project where in a trolley is designed to carry 200kgs of weight and runs on electricity. Now the cast steel plate mounted above the motor and shaft has to be designed more
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The problem is difficult given the information you have supplied. First the shape of the 200 Kg mass is important as the load distribution determines how the plate will be calculated. It is an elementary beam design and cast steel is easy to determine as far at the tensile strength. Of course the load will deflect the plate and how much is allowed will determine how thick the plate should be. But a point load will be different than a load that covers the whole plate uniformly. And then the method of support of the plate is important as there will be bending forces upon the supports and so forth. I would suggest an elementary structural engineering manual which will provide basic formulas you can use. These are found in most mechanical engineers handbooks as well as some elementary machinery handbooks. You will need to do a little work on the design keeping in mind that it is a simple design once you know how to find the right numbers.

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I know the prob is tough. Its a uniform load and there are 2 supports @ 20cms frm each end. I would appreciate if u cud enlighten a bit more on this....
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