HINDUISM:what will happen if all souls inhabiting the Earth attain moksha?

what will happen then?new souls would be created?what would happen to mother Earth will she be uninhabited or will she become a new spiritual abode of devotees?

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    Total number of jivas(Selves) that exists in the universe is a constant. From Brahma till the microbes are those jivas. Once the Self leaves the body(at death), they live in Pitru-loka, any spheres like the sky(Bhuva) and Heaven (Swarga). Only those who are very Yogis reach the higher spheres like Muni, Tapa lokas etc. Atmas(Self) are ethereal, once there Good karmas are over and find a right environment/womb that suits their karma/qualities, they take up birth.

    In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna laments that hardly one in a million knows me well. So, is our material nature. Those who attain moksha can be numbered, just a 100 in kali yuga. They will remain beyond this universe, in Vaikunta. It is a space that is beyond this material universe. The universe will go through the final dissolution, a Big Crunch after the earth and other spheres go thru small crunches.

    All the creation begins again!! All of us who have not attained moksha will manifest again. Such cycle will continue, until all the Jivas have attained moksha, which would be in billions of such cycles of Bang and Crunch. So, The Creator has enough sport forever!!.

    P.S: Soul is a christian term, for some for them, it denotes the mind basically. But for us, Self/Jiva is identity/individuality, more approriate in hindu terms.

    For D'nut:

    If moksha is a state of mind, is this real world a state of mind for her when she is asleep?? For those seekers of moksha, this real world is like that state of sleep(temporary)! Shouldn't all space (& sky,galaxies etc. that we dont see) be a state then?

    To Micky:

    That verse is not about idol worship, it is about demigods (anya-devata). People assume gods acc. to their own nature, which does not encompass the universe and all beings,' the reality' as a whole!


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  • 1 decade ago

    No new souls are created. Souls exist. Only the form changes as per your Karma and so does your relationship in the material world. After doing the dharms of the life form that you are born in you rise one step towards another life form that will lead you to the life of human being where you will find many means of attaining moksha. When everybody attends moksha there is a period known as sandhikal during this period the cleansing of the universe takes place. Then the cycle begins again you are again born as some life form or the other. Steps to attain moksha is a self improvement process not just material but also spiritual. Like suppose a bacteria becomes an insect in another life. In next it becomes some plant. Next animal and so on if the respective dharmas are followed next birth makes you a human being. If you are humane and spiritual you earn credit points get some other life form where these credit or debit points earned in previous life get encashed in this next life again as a human being, and if you carry out the good work, it continues till your balance sheet shows no liabilities, that is you have been a good person and also the people and life forms who interacted with you have followed their dharma as you have followed you get Mukti or Moksha for a certain number of years till you are reborn again to spread the message of GOD and practice it.

    Source(s): Hindu Scriptures, Hindu Panchang, And Holy Discourses
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    Lets see...there are I think in general orthodox Hinduism 5 paths...I learned this. Karma yoga, which I think is the karma of good actions (salvation through works?), Bakti Yoga (I cant spell bakti), which is devotion to a deity, often ecstatic devotion with highs (like Pentecostals?) like the Hare Krishnas. Uhh...Jhana Yoga (I think its called), the path of meditation. The more familiar type of yoga which is that of body postures, and renunciation. These paths are not mutually exclusive, but not everyone does all of them, and I am not sure I have them all correct. works devotion meditation body postures and renunciation. I am not sure where mantra repetition fits in, it might be an aspect of one or a few of these. I only bring it up because as a Nichiren Buddhist, I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to a mandala to manifest my Buddha nature, kinda our version of moksha, however in Nichiren Buddhism, Moksha or Nirvana is just another way of experiencing Samsara. A cycle of suffering becomes a cycle of joy.

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  • Individual soul what you mean is a part of 'Para Brahman' only!

    It is like celestial bodies spread across cosmos, all individual souls scattered.

    As per big bang theory, the celestial bodies are moving apart resulting an expansion. It will come to stillness at one moment and thereafter start contracting towards center resulting shrinking of cosmos. Once every thing comes closer and become a single high energy mass, it will lead to next big bang!

    Similarly if everyone attains Moksha as you said, the creator will start a new game afresh!

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  • 1 decade ago

    All jeevans will merge with Paramathma Which is free from destruction.This will finally merge with Sivam - who is beyond creation and destruction.

    Scientifically with Spiritual ?

    All forms of Kinetic Energy will be finally taken over by the Potential Energy (Lord Shiva) .Inside Lingaswaroopam Kinetic Energy will be in the form of Sound energy(AUM) and Light Energy.

    When Shiva decides to create the world once again ,The Kinetic energy will be released in the form of Prakruthi and Purushan and once again creation starts.

    Source(s): Puranas
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    1 decade ago

    Your question is little ambiguous. If all souls attain moksha, then there will be no mother earth either. She will attain moksha too and everything else which is manifested.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It requires a great deal of Strong determination, firmness of resolve, and strength of will power to help the self to become able to follow the path of attaining moksha; and to travel upon it; which although is available; but strictly only for those; who are not only finally ready to give god a chance to help themselves; but who also are seekers of him and the reasons, objects, activities and actions of the nature of his self only; instead of those of the mind of own; for helping the self to attain moksha

    This however is never ever going to happen with all at one go.

    Every individual however; who has attained true and real; and full, complete and whole moksha; has freed the soul of his self; not only from reasons, objects, activities, actions and nature of sins; but also from those of evils of birth, death, old age, and illnesses; which bound it earlier;

    Such an individual now; is not only free from sorrows, sufferings, pains sicknesses and illnesses of the body, mind and intellect of his own; but is also doing the task of ensuring to live live free; like wise only.

    Further; on which ever part of mother earth he is living; he is not only living with; but are also spreading the reasons, objects, activities, actions and nature of the following; as the charity of self by self.

    1) joys and delights of of owns self;

    2) healthiness, wealthiness and wisdom of the health, wealth and intelligence of the body, mind and intellect of his own;

    3) the knowledge of humility, modesty, freedom, non violence, and forbearance of themselves; in self

    performed actions of simplicity, satisfaction, pleasantness, and happiness of themselves;

    He is also continuing to live as the devotee of good deeds only; instead of any other

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  • 1 decade ago

    The world may be a better place to live in.. Moksha is only a state of mind where one is contend with every aspect of life.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Idol worship,which is very common amongst the Hindus,is prohibited in Hinduism.It is mentioned in Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 7 verse 20,

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    Nothing ....because the cycle of creation/ dissolution will never cease permanently....because there are infinite soul and proof is population of earth ...the number of living beings (jeevas) is infinite in number. Even if infinite number of jeevas attain moksha, there will be infinite number remaining.

    Source(s): bn
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