Help : How to say in Hindi?

1)They would have asked me too many questions and i hate questions...

2)There was many people arround

3)I would be very happy to meet her.

4)I forget that it was your birthday.

5) When will you get married ?

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    I haven't translated your questions word for word, somethings sound unnatural when translated. Like if i translated "i hate questions", it sounds very harsh in Hindi (ex. "Mein saawalon se nafrat karti hoon"). So i have tried to keep the same idea, but use words that people would actually use.

    1. They would've done lots of "question/answer" with me and I don't like this. ---Voh mujhse bohth sawal jawab karte aur mujhe acha nahi lagta.

    2.A lot of people were nearby.---- Boht saare log aas paas the. (Bohth saaray loag aas paass thay.)

    3. I would have become very happy upon meeting her. --Mein us say mil kar boht khush hoti.

    4. I forgot your birthday.--- Mein tumhari birthday bhool gayi. or you can say "mujhe yaad nahi rah, k tumhari birthday thi" (i did not remember, that it was your birthday).

    5. When will you get married--Tumhari shaadi kab hogi? (this is kind of too straightforward, unless the person is already engaged or something)..or u could say "Shaadi ki date theh ho gayi hai" or you can say "Shaadi karna ka kab iraada hai" (when do you intend to get married?)

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    1) Woh mujhe aur bhi prashn pooch sakthethey aur mujhe jawabon se nafrath hai

    2) Waha pe bahut sare log they

    3) Un se milkar mujhe bahut khushi hogi

    4) Tumhara janmdin tha yeh main bhool gaya

    5) Tum kab shaadi karooge ?

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    1) Woh log mujhe boht saare saval puchteh aur meh saval koh nafrat karta/karti hoon. (karta if the person speaking in male, karti if the person speaking is female)

    2) Waha boht log theh aas paas.

    3) Mujhe boht kushi hogi useh mil kar.

    4) Did you mean to say I forgot that it was your birthday? Anyways, "I forget that it was your birthday" is: Meh bhool jata/jati hoon keh aapki/aapka janam din tha. (jata if the person speaking is male, jati if the person speaking is female) "I forgot that it was your birthday" is: Meh bhool gaya/gayi keh aapka/aapki janam din tha. (gaya if the person speaking is a male, gayi if the person speaking is a female.. and aapka if the person speaking is male, aapki if the person speaking is female. )

    5) Aap kab shaddi karoge/karogi? (Karoge if your asking a male when they will get married, karogi if your asking a femal when they will get married.)

    Source(s): Im Indian - fluent in hindi n gujarati .
  • 1.Unn logone mujhse kayin sawaal pooche honge aur mein nafrat karthi hoon sawaloan ko.

    2.Wahaan par bahuth se log the aas-pass.

    3.Mujhe bahut khushi hogi usse milkar

    4.Bhool jaho ki woh tumhara janam dhin thaa.

    5.Kub thum shaadi karogi?

    Hope you got the answers.

    Good luck.

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