Why do parents force their children to a Christian Church?

You know you almost drag your child to church.. you can see it in their eyes.. they are crying for help to you.. yet you are making them go to church again!... Why do you do it? You love to see them get tortured?

I know you believe you are going to help "save them" and stuff.. but shouldn't that be free will?

Many have said because they love their children.. but is this Truly "love"?

I believe this is brainwashing.. and it should be against the law!

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    1 decade ago
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    I agree with you. Religion is child abuse and it should be utterly outlawed. There is a limit to freedom of speech and freedom of expression and there is a point at which the state must step in. Think about it - how are these things not child abuse?

    -Mutilating your infant child's genitals

    -Teaching them that lust is wrong and that they can't have sex until marriage, thus adding unbearable torment and confusion to the already turbulent, hormone-ridden strife of adolescence, and usually causing long-lasting sexual and psychological problems that can extend throughout adulthood

    -Telling them that a place of eternal torment awaits them if they stray from the path of faith, and that all of their unbelieving friends and relatives will go there

    -Telling them from an early age that things are true which have no evidence and defy reason and logic, thus indoctrinating the child with falsehoods and distorting their cognitive reasoning abilities

    -Forcing them, as you say, to attend places of worship, and making them feel guilty for naturally not wanting to go

    -Making the child feel extreme and unnecessary guilt in general, which can last long long past childhood

    -Entrusting the child to religious authorities who may well sexually abuse them (eg. Roman Catholic priests)

    And there are lots of other things. Religion is child abuse - ban it now.

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    Being part of our faith is part of being in our family. Yes, our children will go to church. Our faith is an integrated part of our life that we don't separate out and put in its own little compartment - it's how we view the world as a whole. So we will teach our children about God, Jesus and the Bible the same way we teach them about anything else in the world that is important for them to know and understand. Going to church to worship, learn, and have fellowship with other believers is part of that. For me, going to church with my family growing up was a very positive thing. In addition to my mom and brother, I had a whole big group of people who were my Christian family and also let me know I was loved and cared for. So of course I want my children to be able to have that too. On the practical side of things, if you go to church are you going to find a sitter for your baby because you don't want to "force religion upon him?" I take my baby everywhere else with me (grocery store, restaurant..) even if she's not particularly interested, why should church be an exception?

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    I will guess you are very young because your question is so immature. Obviously, you are not a parent. Any adult knows children do not always make good choices. They want constant and instant gratification. A parent is the one responsible for the upbringing of their children. Church is one place where they can learn good values and morals that they cannot learn on the street. Stop having your tantrums and try to pay attention at church; you might just learn something starting with "Honor thy father and thy Mother."

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    Yes it is truly love. I am so glad my parents took me to church when I was younger. If they hadn't when I went out and started sinning I would have thought that life was suppose to be that horrible. But thank God for my mom and dad who taught me better and that I knew that life could be wonderful and joyful and happy instead of like the world. Now I am like the prodigal son who returned to his father and enjoys the abundant life God has for me instead of the pleasure that fades from a life of sin.

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    They try to lead them to the truth. they care for their eternal souls that they will be preserved. Don't you see how Noah of old entered the ark with his children! So Noah preserved all his family. He was a man of God

    Source(s): The Word of God, the Bible
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    The parents can do what they choose, as long as it's not abuse or something.

    One of my friends is a christian, but his dad is athiest and won't let him go to church even though he wants to, is that not as bad as forcing your child to go to church.

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    All children grow up.. When they are grown they then have free will.

    By your logic my child should be able to eat macaroni every night because it's their favorite meal.

  • parents have the responsibility to raise their children in love and wisdom and care. going to church can be a part of this

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    honor your parents and you will live a full life

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    its called being a good parent. you dont let them choose to go to school, brush their teeth, or clean their room either. you make them.

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