My muslim neighbor want's to leave islam ,but he is afraid his fellow muslims will kill him,is it true?

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islam has entry ,but no exit point except death.
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We all know that Islam is a highly regimented religion , totally undemocratic. And yes, not being very intellectual and analytical/logical based, it forces its obscurantist laws upon others. Intolerance is fundamental to Islam. It talks nothing but violence and death. Being very insecure about their faith, Muslims rave and rant at others, shouting at the top of their voices that theirs is the true faith and all that nonsense
They want to convince themselves of their beliefs in fact.The shrill voice of their assertion itself indicates that they are a very insecure bunch of people. Muslims suffer from a huge inferiority complex making them a violent lot. The entire world is insecure now because of them only No wonder they don't want any one to leave Islam.They want to feel secure in numbers.In the past, in India, they used all possible means to force people to become Muslims. Political power,death threat and every kind of coercive methods were employed for conversion .
So my friend, your neighbor has taken the right decision. But he must be very careful, because his threat perception is very real. He should take all possible precautions, including legal and police help.And tell him to be aware of the mad mullahs declaring a fatwa against him . Who knows , if a fatwa comes, any of their madcap lunatics may even carry out the threat to gain some financial rewards.
They pronounce the death sentence on the slightest pretext. Destruction and killing are inherent in Islam. They haven't been able to grow out of their 6th century tribal mindset of the Arabs. Their life style is testimony to that.

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  • borhan answered 4 years ago
    why he will live the only true religion in the world

    Lets see what bible tells about Muhammad

    why atheist feel pride for big bang theory when Quran gave it 1400 years ago

    check this out?

    see also how Quran is numerically balanced -------
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  • falak answered 4 years ago
    no its not true if any one wnats to do it he or she can do it.

    but Islam is so beautiful religion that nop one wants to leave it if ur neighbor so den he can but i dint understand ISLAM.

    tell him to think abt it once again
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  • Amit answered 4 years ago
    No dear, if he wants , he can leave ...
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  • Comfort answered 4 years ago
    The Qur'an says;

    'There is no compulsion [or coercion] in the religion Islam,
    The right direction is distinctly clear from error.'[2;256]
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  • John answered 4 years ago
    YES...Tell him to take care and to try to be as discreet as possible.

    Islam, because of its intellectual weakness, uses force to keep followers by fear.

    "Hadd al Ridda" is a rule stating clearly that apostasy is punished by death...

    You must know true Islam, guys, before it's too late. They ARE conquering the west and I hear their plans with my very own ears!


    An everyday witness of Islam living in a Muslim country
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  • sathish k answered 4 years ago
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  • son of God answered 4 years ago
    Yes Quran says that those who leave islam must be killed.

    So in a muslim majority country it is possible, but not so in West and America
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  • Ahmed answered 4 years ago
    Except Islam no religion is against conversion hence there is no punishment. in those religions it was recommended that whenever you will deviate form what you are practicing and go astray a new prophet would come and he would bless you with Devinne guidance. But Islam says Prophet Muhammad SAWS is the last prophet. Whatever he has brought is the eternal guidance and Devinne guidance. Followers of the previous Apostles could not keep themselves on right path and could not preserve the preachings of their prophets. This is the last and final opportunity which God has blessed to mankind to revert to God. So Islam shuts the doors of conversion.
    Leaving Islam is like rebelling and betraying against the laws of a king and a country. What should be the punishment of a rebellion?
    Islam says Allah is the creator of the universe, nourisher and sustainer and he alone is the Lord and King. There is no Deity but Allah. Islam also says that it is the only complete code of life. It says the only supreme Sovereign is Allah. If a person who accepts this and then wants to leave is in fact he rebels. So execution is the only punishment.

    This punishment may be implemented only in an Islamic Country and where Islamic laws are being implemented. Individuals or some people cannot punish.
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  • Skookum answered 4 years ago
    It could be true. Muslims are great bullies when it comes to people with different ideas. It is common for anyone who criticizes Islam to be ostracized or threatened. Example: Bangladeshi journalist Nasrin Vaziri. See
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  • Lincoln6 answered 4 years ago
    Your friend can leave, but it's worse than years ago when people tried to leave AOL.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Depends which part of the world he is from.
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  • Dr Cow Dung answered 4 years ago
    How the **** are we supposed to know if it is true or not
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  • stouy answered 4 years ago
    No that's not true but it is unlikely for a muslim to leave islam, highly unlikely.
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