World famous Tamil poet - Kambar - (கம்பர்) - Do you know the world famous Tamil Poet kambar and the author ?

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of Ramayana in the tamil language. His Tamil Literary works in the Ramayana is incomparable. Do you know his works ? if so, please describe about the world famous tamil poet kambar more
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Yes Kambar is very well known Poet in TAMIL LITERATURE. He is the author of Tamil version of Ramayanam known popularly as Kambha Ramayanam adopted from the Original Valmiki Ramayanam. Though the present DMK government has failed to give the due respect and position for him in the much published Tamil Chemmozhi Mahanadu by Karunanidhi. Karunanidhi has sidelined Kambar and his Fabulous works due to his hatredness towards Hinduism and Hindu Gods.

Kambar not only wrote the great epic Ramayana, his works include the Saraswathi Andhadhi, Sadagopar Andhadhi and Yaer Yezhubadhu. Andhadhi is a form of poem in Tamil literature, in which the last word of verse forms the starting of the next verse. This one of the difficult and most toughest form in Tamil poetry which only a few poets have sung. Andhadhi itself is a sufficient proof for Kambar's eloquence and literary capacity. There is one more interesting incident in the life of Kambar which explains the presence of mind and the level of knowledge Kambar had.

"Kamba Sutram" is phrase associated with Kambar that is used by the Tamil people in their day to day speech even today. "Kamba Sutram" means Kambar's formula. When we trace the roots of the phrase, it was actually, "Kamba Chithiram" meaning Kamban's Art. But due to the usage it got transformed over time as "Kamba Sutram". The phrase is used when referring to a context that is either difficult to do or even impossible.

The works that Kambar has produced transcends time and makes him immortal. Not only that the phrase "Kamba Chitiram" - Kambar's Art and "Kamba Sutram" - Kambar's Formula are both appropriate. And no other poet has presented such a work where the characters of the epic and the situations are brought live as an ART just by the words used. The FORMULA that Kambar used to an epic with lively ART has earned the rightful name "Kavi Chakravarthi" (Emperor of Poets).

What I have written above about Kambar and his works is only a little and it will take pages to write and I am afraid I would not be doing justice in doing so. -



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thanks sir, i thank malar who gave equally best answer. thanks all.
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  • Malar answered 4 years ago
    The following details are gleaned from the website
    Kambar (Tamil: கம்பர்) was a medieval Tamil poet and the author of the Tamil Ramayanam known as Kambaramayanam), the Tamil version of Ramayana[1]. Kambar also authored other literary works in Tamil such as Erezhupathu, Kangai Puranam and Sarasvati Anthati.
    Kambar belonged to the Ochchan or Occhan caste, traditionally nadaswaram players in southern India. But he was brought up in the household of a wealthy farmer in Vennai Nellur in south India. The chola king Rajendra Chola having heard of this talented bard, summoned him to his court and honoured him with the title Kavi Chakravarthi or The King of Poets.
    Kamban flourished in the 12th Century in Therazhundur, a village in the culturally rich Thanjavur District in the modern state of Tamil Nadu in South India. Kamban was a great scholar of India's two ancient and rich languages, Sanskrit and Tamil. Mahavidwan R. Raghava Iyengar in a scholarly biography,Kavichakravarty Kamban writes in detail about this 12th century poet.
    According to tradition, Kambar's son, Ambikapathi was put to death after having fallen in love with the King's daughter and Kambar himself had to flee. In his old age, he was obliged to support himself doing manual labour. He was then supported and patronized by his friend Vallal Sadaiyappa Mudaliar.
    Some more interesting details are as follows
    There is also a legend that Ottakuthar, an eminent Tamil poet also composed Ramayanam. But Kambaramayanam was accepted by other poets. Hence he burnt his composition. Kambar recovered last two chapters of Ottakuthar composition and added into his composition.
    Once when the king asked both the poets to recite how much they had written, Ottakuthar retold the story upto the time when the Vanarams were preparing to build the bridge. Kamban who came to know the story just then continued saying the monkeys had just started building the bridge and that the droplts of water ( thumidham) from the splash of the stones was mistaken by the Gods as nectar.On being challenged on the authenticity of the word, Goddess Saraswthy made a woman churning curd to remark
    "Kulandhaigalae, thalli poi vilaiyaadungal, Thumidham therikka pogiradhu".

    Read in greater detail at
    There is a saying in tamil – KAMBAN VEETU KATTU THARIYUM KAVI PADUM
    Also the story of his son Ambikapathy's love affair and 101 songs--please read at
    Similarly there is another story about how the queen reacted to the song of Ottakuthar saying " Ottakoothan pattukku Irattai thazhpal" and Kambar set things right with his song.
    The best imagery I found in Kamba Ramayanam is
    Kadan pattar nenjam pol kalanginan Ilankai Vendan.
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  • The "BULL" answered 4 years ago
    The Kamba Ramayanam has become a great epic since it potrays Lord Rama not as a God as of other Ramayanas, but as a humble Human Being. That is the greatness of Kamban when compared with other authors of Ramayanas in various languages.
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  • Shiva answered 4 years ago
    Thiruvalluvar is a best and famous author .Because his book of 'Thirukural " teach everyhing about humen life
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  • Chhayly answered 4 years ago
    I don't know really well,but you can get the information at this link :
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  • Sudip K answered 4 years ago
    i don t no
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