Why our secular government is not flushing out 2 crore illegal Bangladeshi immigrants from India?

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Even by most conservative estimates there are at least 2 crore illegal bangladeshi immigrants living in India which makes them equal to the total population of Australia. Many ...show more
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Why won't they stay in their islamic republic. why do these people have to come to india. if islam is so much superior as they say, why not stay within your boundaries and enact your superior islamic laws?

What is the government doing? We need BJP back in office. These filthy politicians who are giving them official papers are trading the nation away for a few votes. it seems, hindus are going to be living in fear from these muslims in their own homeland. we need to stand together or muslims will soon be the majority as indian muslims themselves have a much higher birth rate than hindus and on top of that these bangladeshi muslims are coming in hordes and breeding like rats.

We need better politicians. As much as I hate to say it, being part of a secular free nation, all muslims should have been sent to pakistan (West or east) during the time of partition. after all that's what the partition happened for. when will the hindus wake up and smell reality. Its not for their love for India that these muslims stayed behind, but just because they didn't have enough funds to go to pakistan. All the muslim elite who were financially strong did move to pakistan.

If the figure is really around 50 million as someone suggested, that means its a third of bangladeshi population living in India. how did this happen. Congress should be ashamed of itself. If this is the case now, what is gonna happen as sea levels rise in the coming decades and parts of Bangladesh get submerged. That will mean that all bangladeshi will settle in India. They are not India's responsibility and they are putting strain on our economy and taking the jobs that should have gone to Indians.

Why is Indian government not strong arming Dhaka to take measures. We are a huge nation, why are we scared of a little piece of land to our east?? Are indians ever gonna wake up?

God I am so depressed. I can't see my country and my ancient culture go down the drain like this, in front of my eyes! Please someone do something.

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Someone won't do something.

It is a covert war on a nation whose majority is an impotent deluded lot. These infiltrators should preferably be shot dead or at least castrated. Even if some innocents have to bear the brunt, so be it.

Indian state is a vivid rebuttal to proponents of democracy.
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  • rahul b, Monarchy-M.italy hater answered 4 years ago
    this is one of the biggest problems india is facing. but, our stupid govt. will not anything about it because they are their vote bank. not only north east, orissa have a lot of bangladeshis there.

    this is the truth of our f******* govt. just two years back, these immigrants hoisted pakistani flag is some parts of Assam. but our govt. done nothing.

    there is no way, hindus will be drived out from north east, if this happens. there will be a war now against them. we wouldn't allow any more kashmir.

    anya says, it costs more to send them back. but my question is when bangladesh is not going to accept them why should we deport them. just tag them as maoists and shoot them.

    @Rahul_y, just another senseless answer by a congressi. you are a big fool. you can't understand the problem these immigrants are posing. go and handle chappals of dumb gandhi.
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  • Fake Prophet (PBUH) answered 4 years ago
    हमारी सभ्यता में दामाद को बहुत इज्ज़त-मान दिया जाता है.दो करोड़ बंगलादेशी कांग्रेस पार्टी के दामाद अनुरूप है ,इसी कारण से अब तक उनका नहीं छेड़ा जा रहा है.

    Remember the IMDT act which was scrapped by congress party despite the SC decision on it,due to heavy vote bank of Muslims in Assam..........And laughing matter is this Muslims went out to vote there own radical party lead by Perfume,e barron Badrudin qazi, which is sponsored by saudi arabia and deoband...........

    It is an open fact that Muslims would not care for the rule of Secualrism where they are in majority or close to majority.......Muslim league in Kerala,MIM in Hyderabad,Badrudin party in Assam are the few examples.......

    The day is not far away when we will see another Kashmir in Assam............
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  • ezeexs answered 4 years ago
    Congress ( The So Called Secular ) never had a political will to resolve this issue for want of votes, and today they say it has become a problem which cant be solved but who is the mother of this problem ? Congress......and now they want to shake off the responsibility saying that it costs money, that's the most ridiculous answer. Why not INC be removed from the system of this country ?
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  • Nitha answered 4 years ago
    Illegal immigrants have been one of Assam 's biggest issues for the last two decades. Assam shares a 272-km-long border with Bangladesh . A vast stretch of that is still unfenced. There are no official estimates for the number of migrants in Assam , but state governor Ajai Singh has said that up to 6,000 illegally enter the region every day. To deal with this, the government had earlier decided to deport at least 3,000 Bangladeshi migrants every month. But toward the end of April 2005, the government took a U turn. The Union Home Ministry decided to do a rethink on the policy, as it felt the deportation exercise was ‘‘unimplementable.’’

    To remedy the situation, people of three districts in Upper Assam decided to act on their own within the boundaries of law. It first began in the district of Dibrugarh, where on April 12, 2005 a group of youngsters got together to form the Chiring Chapori Yuva Mancha. They published leaflets asking residents not to harbour, employ or provide food to suspected Bangladeshis. They also started sending SMS messages through mobile phones. As the messages spread, there was all-round cooperation from people in the district and nearby areas. The group urged “indigenous Muslims” not to be frightened. It asserted that its fight was only against those who are illegally settling in Assam .

    The Bangladeshi immigrants in this area were hired by local contractors in brick kilns, road and building construction works. A large majority of them also pulled rickshaws. Women worked as maids.

    However, soon the state government feared a communal backlash as certain quarters tried to give the issue a religious colour.

    The All Assam Minority Students Union warned both Delhi and Dispur to be ready to face an unexpected situation if stern action was not taken against the “communal leaders” responsible for the exodus of the “working class” minorities from the Upper Assam districts. The student group claimed that the religious minorities working as wage earners in the Upper Assam districts are actually from the erosion-hit villages of Morigaon and Barpeta districts. It said dubbing them foreigners and imposing an “economic blockade” on them was a conspiracy of both the BJP and the AASU for their narrow political gain, which would ultimately lead to ethnic bloodbath.

    Unfortunately this social action against illegal immigration in Assam has become politicized and communalized. In Assam a law, the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act, 1986, was enacted to check the problem of illegal immigration. But later it was found that the law itself has become a big hurdle in checking the problem. Police throughout the border areas of Assam have found it tough to detect and evict illegal migrants who have flooded the North-Eastern states in recent years. Local police says that it is next to impossible to throw out foreigners from Assam because the IMDT Act required "too much documentation before a person can be identified and deported." In such a situation the social action of people against the illegal immigrants was proving to be very effective. even the initiative of people has taken a religious colour.

    I think congress and its allies will come out openly in favour of these illegal migrants whom it considers its vote bank. The approach of the government shows why this problem has been around for so long and its magnitude which has increased over the years.

    This is what happens when people take matter in their hands when govt. gives up. And people like Mr. MS blames everything on WE.

    I think whole border must be fenced and border petrolling must be increased to stop further influx from Bangladesh.

    Who cares if badruddin roars. woh apni jaat dikha raha hai. It is continual problem because of soft corners of Indian muslims. They can always compromise Nation's Integrity on religion. That is why Indian muslim can not be trusted.And also apeasement policy of congress and its allies towards Indian muslim.
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  • Gandhi answered 4 years ago
    They are INC's vote bank.
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  • NO answered 4 years ago
    very simple but a sad-for-hindoos reason;
    Jawaharlal has 'a lot of ' and was 'an' islamic off-shoot(s); and UPA under Congress has the parental responsibility to take care of them, even if illegal.
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  • I'm a Human Being answered 4 years ago
    Actual number of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants is close to 50 million not 20 million as you have stated. Because communalism is their hidden and true character. Because according to them giving reservations on the name of religion is secularism.


    To Rahul_Y:- Then you tell us according to you how many Bangladeshis are living in India?

    To Vijay D:- O really communal minded Hindus are more dangerous? Then please just live for one year in your favorite and poor migrants' society and use the same words in their society. If you come back alive we'll ask you what communalism actually means. And other pseudo-Hindus can also live in Muslim dominated societies and then propose schools and hospitals and then tell us.
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  • In both Bangladesh and India politicians and the state created severe poverty..Illegal immigrants and infiltrators are the result of this limitless political corruption.The rich who steal from the poor are good friends and so are politicians of both countries.
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  • Viking answered 4 years ago
    Ok agree.India is facing a potential problem from bangladeshi illegal immigrants it is a sensitive external affairs issue,so needs to be carefully handled.I agree government should be more active in resolving it before it becomes a more complicated problem.We don't know the exact figures of illegal immigrants but definitely illegal bangla immigrants are serious threat to India.
    Our border with bangladesh is highly porous unlike the border with pakistan. Violent ways to get rid of them should be the last option.
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  • Rahul_Y answered 4 years ago
    2 crore illegal Bangladeshi

    WoW you have the list. Send them to near police station

    Well according to RSS(Akhand Bharat) Bangladesh will be part of INDIA.
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  • anya answered 4 years ago
    sorry for my comments on swami ramdev. Bangladeshi immigrants are a problem but identifying them and deporting which takes consent of Bangla govt. to take them back is very difficult. they will pretend as indian bengalis and bangladesh govt. will also deny that they are originally bangladeshis. Assam spent Rs. 1.7 billion between January 2001 and September 2006, which resulted in identification of 9,149 foreigners, only 1,864 could be deported back to Bangladesh. This amounts to Rs. 180,000 spent to deport an illegal Bangladeshi[6] Just imagine. It is an international problem Indian govt cant solve it by themselves.
    omg rahul ! they are just poor hungry people not terrorists. how shocking you think of killing them! prevention is better than cure. they should be prevented from crossing. who are issuing them ration cards? our system is corrupt . cure that first.
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