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Yamaha R15 or TVS apache 180?

Yamaha R15 its 150 cc engine. what is the drawback of its 150 cc engine. and please suggest me that which bike is better Yamaha R15 or TVS apache 180.i need performance. please suggest.

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    If you have the money to buy the r15, close your eyes and buy it, you wont repend buying the best bike in india. :)

    Apache 180 is also a good bike which closely competes with the pulsar 220 (like the r15) and cheaper to maintain.

    R15 vs Apache 180

    Best vs Ok

    Foreign vs Desi

    Japan vs India

    Internationally accepted vs Locally accepted

    My preference of bikes with your kinda budget would be:

    R15 > Apache 180 > Karizma > pulsar 220

    (I prefer apache over ZMA coz, its fresh and it suits my body frame better than the zma).

  • Cheryl
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    Among TVS and Yamaha, there is not doubt that Yamaha is way far better. But the distinction between the rtr 180 and the r15 is way tough. Both are performance bikes. But give power in the same range. The apache is 30k cheaper than the r15 but the r15 scores over the apache in 1. fuel injected engine, gives more performance and mileage 2. liquid cooled diasil engine and delta frame which is meant for optimum performance, 3. And for 1lakh, you can get a mini model of the famous r1 bike. The rider comfort, handling and stability is way better than the apache. The monoshock suspension is better and is ideal for performance oriented bikes. Also looks are 100% better for the r15. You can get a assured mileage of 40-45kmpl. Go for the r15 if budget is not a problem or else consider the best city bike available the yamaha fz. The apache also scores over the r15 in mid end and high end performance. Both are of 2 different dna, but Yamaha is better than TVS

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    You will be surprised to know that more than 80 % of buyers want a new bike with increased performance as compared to the one they have been riding earlier. So you are no exception to this rule.

    However the trouble is that after finding a sporty bike with more power, you will have some serious issues with the seating position. The reason being that these bikes have been adapted for high speed and hence you have to contribute to their wind cheating design by crouching (forward lean) when you ride.

    If you have been used to the comfortable and royal commuter like position in riding all along, it will take a concerted effort on your part to come to terms with your new riding position on either of the new bikes mentioned by you. So pick one which is more natural for you and on which you do not mind sitting for extended periods. Otherwise you may just wait for the ordeal to end. Think about it. You will automatically get your answer.

    Sometimes I appreciate Harley Davidson motorcycles who in spite of having very powerful motors have not compromised the comfort of the rider by having him to contort into a racing crouch. It is simply not feasible if you have a beer belly or an otherwise large build.

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    Only R15.

    coz its from R1 series of YAMAHA. Do not get confused betwn R15 and apache both are totally diff. from each other. R15 used high quality material and technology for engine which is help u to deliver high performance on above 130 KMPH There is no shaking. you will get better performance.Get international bike

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    According to me if budget is not an issue then you should opt Yamaha R15 as it is more stylish and the mileage is almost same as of TVS apache 180.

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    if u go for more speed (140kmph) & bit more power then go for R15 .. & if u want more mileage, better riding position in city & good power.. & cheaper spares, less maintenance then go for apache 180

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    If you need performance, you are looking in the wrong size of bikes. 150cc is not "performance".

    R1 is performance.

    Source(s): Honda & Suzuki Service Technician Graduate of MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) Phoenix Az. 25+ years riding experience
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