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I ve RELIANCE NET CONNECT ..broad band.I m suspicious about my son for watching **** films.?

i ve also its DATA CARD NUMBER..My son has deleted all recent searches history by one software named "CLEAR HISTORY"...

Can i find out that what is he watching and searches on internet???how ??He has deleted all history of the internet.

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    just do as i say .

    go to my computer,

    at the toolbar at top in veiw select folder options,unhide all the folders.

    then go to c drive,then users,

    and click on the current user folder.

    there u can see local settings.

    click on that there in some folder u can see cookies folder.

    open that there u can see all the cookies files,and find out if there is any ***** website name.

    and know every thing about him and lead him to a correct way.

  • mosen
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    4 years ago

    enable him it is stable for him. He might desire to nonetheless be a toddler, yet he's likewise the age that puberty starts off, and whilst puberty starts off, that is whilst urges start up. i be conscious of whilst i became into 9, I watched **** for the 1st time ever. each boy in the time of puberty has already seen ****, even the greater youthful ones. this could be a organic element. he's no longer too youthful, he's in simple terms curious.

  • stay out of his life, if he is what are you gonna do? stop him? that wont work. just let him do what he wants with his OWN sexuality, there is no point in humiliating him and embarrassing yourself.

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    go to the internet cookies; this should work unless they have been disabled.

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    im no expert but i dont think you can unless you have a keylogger

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