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How can i increase the download speed of bit torrent?

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increase speed of bit torrent
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There are many, many things you could look at. This link is probably one of the best I've seen as far as covering what you should be looking at. It's directed at uTorrent users (which is what I use) but the concepts would apply to all BT clients and you would just have to figure out how to make the adjustment in your specific client if not running uTorrent. The concurrent half-open connections is a big one if you're using XP or Vista, but they're all things you should check.

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  • tiberiu_chibici_1994 answered 5 years ago
    There are accelerators on the web to do this job, but there are also trackers that forbid this.
    Here are some tips to download as fast as possible:
    * get a torrent with a big number of seeds. A seed is a person who downloaded completely the file, and is now uploading.
    * good seed/peer ratio. If there are 100 seeds and 1000 peers, it is likely to take long to download. Peers are the persons who are downloading
    * try to find a tracker close to the place where you live, or where are many using the same ISP as you


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  • abhishek answered 5 years ago
    u cant increase it it depends on type of cconnection
    for eg
    bsnl 750 gives 30 kb per sec but these is giving 60 kbper secc
    bsnl 500 gives 200 kb per sec
    so u cant increase
    note torrenting movies is illegal so dont do it
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  • DragonsOfWine answered 5 years ago
    Talk to your ISP - they may be limiting download speeds for these illegal activities. Many are.

    If that is the case then nothing you can do expect to purchase what you want rather than steal it.
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  • Kaushal answered 5 years ago
    use dap (download acclerator plus)
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  • how can i increase the download speed of bit torrent?
    increase speed of bit torrent
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