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What is the difference between a genotype and a chromosome (10 POINTS)?

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    radiol is wrong about the chromosomes.


    are made up of chromatin which is a complex combination of proteins and DNA strands which is made up of segments called genes. they are in the nucleus of the cell. when a cell divides, it duplicates the chromosomes (this is called sister chromatids that are attached in the middle with a centromere) It carries all of your genetic information.


    you cant really compare them to chromosomes.. they both have to do with genetics though. Basically, each trait that you have is controlled by 2 alternate genes... you get one from each parent. This is what people talk about when they talk about recessive and dominant genes. There's different types of inheritance of course, where both alleles are expressed (such as blood type) or where the recessive allele is only expressed when you have two of them. It's pretty complicated beyond that so I won't bother explaining. N

    Now you know that your labrador retriever is black, which means one of the alleles he got was black (black is dominant). If he had a brown parent (recessive) he must have some brown "in him".

    B is for black (capital because its dominant) and b is for brown (lower case cause its recessive)

    A dog will only look brown if it has 2 b's because if it has 1 B it is black (black dominates over brown). So, the GENOTYPE for this brown dog is bb. A black dog could be all black genes in which case his genotype would be BB or it could have brown in it and its genotype would be Bb.

    Hopefully that made sense? If the genotype is the same (BB or bb) it is called homozygous recessive or homozygous dominant. If the genotype is different such as Bb it is heterozygous.

    FYI: whichever colour is expressed (brown or black) is the PHENOTYPE. The only way you know the genotype is if

    a. the recessive gene is expressed

    b. you do a genetic test

    c. you do a "test-cross" (breed to a plant/animal that has a known genotype)

    So the difference between chromosome and genotype? A genotype is the set of alternate forms of genes expressed in a specific trait and a chromosome is where those genes are contained.

    hopefully that made sense to you :)

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    Genotype is the alleles present within cells of an individual, for a particular trait/characteristic e.g. G codes for green eyes and g is the recessive an individual with Gg or GG has the genotype for green eyes and an individual with gg has the genotype for another colour.

    Chromosomes on the other hand carry all genes that code for specific traits such as eye, hair and skin colour.

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    A chromosome is the portion of the DNA that codes for genes. Like the Y chromosome. The genotype is the exact types and amount of genes that organism possesses.

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