Is Gall Bladder thickening is normal?

Dear all, my name is Nabin Khanal , and I am from Nepal, recently i am suffering from GERD.I have done ultrasound, and doctor has diagnosed Cholerocystitis.This means "thickening of gall bladder". Every thing was normal. No gall bladder stones found.I have taken medicines, but still i am feeling pains in my upper abdomen. Please tell me what can i do for this. Is this normal to have thickening of gall bladder while suffering from GERD?In addition, i have upset stomach. I have taken Zantac and lot of Antacids, too.Heartburn has gone but, the pain is still remaining in upper abdomen.Doctor has told me that it takes more than 1 month to be 100% fine? Please tell me, is there any thing to worry about this ?

I am in lot of tension. Best answer would be appreciated.


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    first relax.............. thickening of gall bladder may be due to mucosal edema.... zantac alone is not sufficient.......... you have to take other drugs too.... and drink more water....

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    It would be great to know what the ejection fraction of your gall bladder is. This would indicate whether or not your gall bladder is functioning at or below normal. I have calculated this using ultrasound and milk when we were short of technecium. It's a cheap shortcut that is fairly accurate.

    If the pain is persistent, then it will remain so. A sick gall bladder NEVER gets better.

    Check to see if they can figure out your Gall Bladder ejection fraction.

    Without stones, the odds of rupture decrease dramatically. Your pain may stay. So you can elect to have the GB out or wait until the pain is unbearable. Some people wait a few weeks others years. Up to you.

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    Basing from you USD document, your gall bladder is surprisingly wide-spread, you do not would desire to concern something. yet, why have you ever taken ultrasound besides, do you fell any discomfort?any worsening indications?If not, then there is not any would desire to rigidity.

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    see a Dr...YA is not a Dr's office or hospital.

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