Is left testiculat pain is normal ?

Dear all, i am Nabin from Nepal, and i have been suffering from left testicular pain since 1 months. I am too much worried about this. Anythign to worry about this? Please suggest me in right way. Is this the cause of candida infection, actually i am suffering from candida infection(yeast infection).

Please tell me....

Yours Nabin

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    Testicular pain - a sensitive issue

    Men are notoriously sensitive about their testicles. After all, they are sensitive structures. But discomfort and pain in the testicles causes a disproportionate amount of concern to men, over and above their vulnerability and association with masculinity and virility, which is why they are still often referred to by many as their ‘family jewels’. So when anybody talks about a man being kicked ‘where it hurts most’, we know what they are talking about.

    Men may have the balls, but women have the brains

    On the whole, women are better informed about anatomy and how the body works. If only men paid as much attention to looking after themselves and undergoing medical screening examinations as women did.

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    It is most probably due to the candida infection. It also depends on whether the pain is increasing or feeling the same. Did the pain start with your infection or it is a recent complaint. You need to answer these questions to give me a better view to your condition.

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    See a urologist or/and a STD specialist as soon as possible.

    Did some thing hit you there like a cricket Ball if so then there are exercises that can help.

    If you are not waring any support then start waring it it is a must for an active young person should be well fitting and adjustable too.

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