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What is the difference between true friend and best friend?

My friend (who i spend all 6 weeks of the holidays with, without a day apart) stayed at mine for theweekend. I was worried she'd ditch me for this other girl at school. She sat me down and said "I want you to know something. You're not my BEST friend." at this point i got worried - ",,you're my TRUE friend." and i was like 'what?' and she said i was the person she trusted most in the whole world, and that she could tell me anything, and be who she is around me and trust me with her life. We know everything about eachother, but in school i feel the other girl comes between us.. So am I her 2nd best friend.. or proper, TRUE real best friend? I'm confused - cuz the next day she lied to me and let me down badly, and it wasn't the first time she'd done so.

Advice and Opinions, please?

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    my definition for it is basically the same as the person above.

    true friends are always dependable the ones who will always be there for you despite all the arguments and differences you have theyre usually the ones you've known for a while or can trust true friends under any circumstances.

    best friends like mentioned above is for show...theyre someone you hangout with to look cool with or to company you anywere kinda like filling in space...but this doesnt mean they can be trusted or she can act herself around this girl

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    A true friend = Someone who sticks by you through thick and thin. Usually these friendships are long lasting because the people involved are honest with each other and tell eachother everything

    A best friend = Just for show. You may have a close friend but a best friend is just someone you hang around with all the time you don't always have to be with your true friend

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    True friend is the person you can trust ,tell them everything.and who are there for you anytime anywhere. but a best friend is different

    A best friend is the person you like to be with ,he/she may not be their for you anytime or may not be that trustworthy but you think he/she as the best.

    Mostly best friends are also true friends but not always.

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    According to me:-- best friends are those friend which stay with you on your good and bad time but when they will go away from you for some reasons than you impotence decreases they starts to make new friends.

    but true friends stay always with you. distance is not a big matter for them. and the will not live you in all life time.

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    True Friend=Remember us wherever he/she goes and call us..and will be very lovable and we have the right to tell anything than to our siblings or cousins.

    Best friends=Same opinion..Show.....

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