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is the high school dress code unfair?

in my high school, our school is very strict on girls when it comes to the dress codes...the dress/skirt/shorts (AND THERE ARE NO SHORTS THAT GIRLS CAN WEAR THAT ARE SCHOOL LENGTH) cant be shorter than a dollar bill WIDTH (not length) above the knee. if you get caught, you get a warning, the next time an automatic saturday detention, even if you have a spare change of clothes.

meanwhile, girls wear shirts that expose their entire friggen chest and nothing happens. or guys walk around with their *** and boxers hanging out and nothing happens.

AND isnt the whole point of the dress code to "not distract" other people? like sorry if boys cant stop staring at girls when they wear dresses? not our problems. UGH.

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    Well I agree with you when you think that girls should be able to dress freely, it is a matter of expression. The fact that the boys are not being punished and the girls can expose their chest and not legs is not fair either. But I do think that some of the girls get carried away with the short-shorts and that is most likely the reason for this rule. Have you SEEN some of these girls? I can practically see their ********! I think it's meant to keep people from seeing things they don't need to see. Anyway, if they are going to put that rule in place, they should make it fair at least by punishing the boys and making it against the rules to wear shirts that are too low cut. You'll just have to wait until you get out of school to dress how you want, in the meantime, stick it out and blame those slutty girls for the rule in the first place. If they didn't have their butt cheeks hanging out of their shorts, maybe there wouldn't be that rule!

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    college is a based atmosphere set up by the state. it is almost communist in its habit. So yeah, issues ought to look unfair. yet make the main suitable of it, persist with the regulations, and learn frustrating, because of the fact existence turns into lots tougher after severe college in case you do no longer play the pastime and take benefit. don't get indignant on the equipment. the two play by the regulations, or attempt to conquer it! yet in many circumstances only sticking to the regulations provide you extra possibilities in existence.

  • Yes, that is definately unfair! I agree with you.

    If they let people do that then they should let people wear skirts shorter than required!

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    lol wow thats like a guys dress code for shorts....

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    No, the code does not seem unfair, just improperly enforced. If we never enforced speeding tickets, everyone would speed.

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    It's unbalanced, sure. If it worries or angers you, bring it up to the administration; if you complain loudly enough, they'll have to listen.

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    Sounds reasonable to me. I think that uniforms should be worn. Students might take their education more seriously if there was more discipline. I know I'm "old school".

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