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how exactly do you become a top contributor?

i run into people who have tons of points and like a 80% best answer rate but they aren;t top contributors, then i see people with 5% best answers who are.

so how does it work??

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  • Laredo
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    1 decade ago
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    To become a Top Contributor you just have to answer a lot of questions in a category, and receive best answers for them, and continue to do that to keep the badge. You just need to find a category that you like and know a lot about, and answer, answer and more answers in that category. Plus you need quality, as well as quantity in all your answers. Being a Top Contributor is not about the amount of points you have or which level you have reached, it is purely down to contribution in a category and the correct amount of best answers in that category.

    To be a Top Contributor you have to answer questions in 1 - 3 categories (best to just concentrate on 1 category to start with) and obtain 12% (or more, no one knows the correct figure) best answers in that category. The exact number of questions that you need to answer is also not known, but there have been suggestions that it might be 40 to 50 answers a week in just one category, you do not need to spend every waking hour on your computer to achieve those answers, just a couple of hours a day. The Top Contributor badge is awarded on a Monday and it will disappear on a Monday if you do not continue to contribute to the category that you got the badge.

    You cannot be a Top Contributor in Polls & Surveys or Jokes & Riddles, although you could be the Top Yahoo Answers Answerer for those categories.

  • Gary B
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    1 decade ago

    To be a Top Contributor in a specific are, you have to have a certain PERCENTAGE of your questions picked the The Best Answer.

    If you just jump around, answering questions willy-nilly, you may get a lot of Best Answers, but you won;t get a lot in any one category -- so you won't get Top Contributor.

    On the other hand, if you stay in an area you know, and answer only specific questions and get a lot of Best Answers, you will get a Top Contributoreven though you do not answer a lot of questions.

    The Number of POINTS you get is determined by how many questions you answer, AND by how many questions you ask (Asking questions COSTS you 5 points!), but Top Contributor is based on a percentage of Best Answers in one category.

  • 1 decade ago

    answer lots of question... I never give a best answer to a top contributor even if it really is the best answer, sorry guys. I always give the best answer to the lowest level person who answers my question

  • 1 decade ago

    To be a top contributor you answer lots of question

    To get 80% best answer you could have only answered a few but loads of people voted on your advise

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A lot of best answers in one or more categories. It's no big deal, some people get jealous of T/Cs and level 7s and report them to get them barred. Just stick around and enjoy the site. No competition points don't get you prizes in this game.

  • Nicole
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    1 decade ago

    U have to have over 12% best answer

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