i need help with a tattoo idea!!?

alright so for my birthday my GF is buying me a tatoo.

i dont wanna break her bank so its gonna be a small one, prob on the underside of my wrist.

but i cant decide on what to get!! gimme some suggestions.

the facts: i am from California, i love it, i have pride for california

i love punk music, it basically made me who i am today

superheroes are bad ***

i play guitar and bass

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    1 decade ago
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    get a cool lyric tattooed in script.

    a Skull and cross bones never fails.

    stick figures. (i have 2 stick figures holding a heart that says 'since 1994' for my best friend on my wrist)

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    I was thinking you could get California in a cool font like cursive tattooed on your wrist. and the underneath the california get a picture of a guitar under it. you could have it on top of the guitar or you could have California kind of make a circle around the guitar.

    hope this helps!

    if it is kind of expensive then maybe you could tell her you are going to pay for half because its too expensive

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    get a small version of one of your favorite punk album covers. my boyfriend's whole arm is nothing but misfits album covers. or if you like the misfits get a crimson ghost skull on your wrist.

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    1 decade ago

    that album cover idea is bad ***. or if you live on the beach get a scene (like the sun setting on the beach) but that may be girly....?

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  • 1 decade ago

    A dick with a guitar !

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