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i wanna to know abt how to make your own bathtub. Because of some small space i cant buy readymade but i want to create my own i want to say cement bathtub is it possible. i wanna to more
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  • Kevin answered 4 years ago
are you ready for hard work? if so, then hear it goes.. First of all, if it's in the second floor or more, make sure the structure is well built. cement bathtubs way a ton.. you will have to make a form to pour in the cement, put lots of chicken wire inside the forms, once cement is dry, you need to tile the tub with ceramic tile, smaller is better to contour the tub. grout it and seal it with sealer. after a few days, wash it well and them add water and bubble soap... enjoy..
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    If you mean make your own bathtub that looks like a bathtub, then no. If you mean frame it in and tile it, it's feasable, but would likely cost more than a regular bathtub, especially after the trial and error that usually goes along with your first tile job, and beyond that, this wouldn't be a regular tile job. Remember it would have to be beyond water-proof, this would be a water HOLDING tile job.

    I'm with Matt, don't try it. Around here the stores he's referring to are called ReStore's I believe, they take excess donations from H4H projects and sell it to turn into monetary donations.

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  • etcmn answered 4 years ago
    The above answer's advice on making the cement is all good. An alternative to tiling it might be cover it with a two part epoxy paint which is used for garage floors and sometimes for swimming pools. That would be far less work than tiling.

    Another alternative you might consider is instead of concrete making a tub from fiberglass. The result would be far lighter than a concrete tub so it would not put as much stress on the floor and supporting structure. Go to your public library and find a book about forming fiberglass. If you can't find one anywhere else check for books about custom autobody work since fiberglass is the most common material used for that.

    Keep in mind that even with the lighter tub the weight will be considerable when it is filled with water. If the finished tub holds 30-40 gallons of water then the water itself will weigh at least 250-300# plus the weight of the person sitting it.
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