question about being a nurse anesthetist?

can i go to school to be a nurse anesthetist, right after i get my Bachelors is Science in Nursing?? or do i have to work as an RN first??

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    1 decade ago
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    At least 2 years in an critical care setting, the more experience, the better and they want ICU/CCU experience not ER, Med-Surg, OR, or anything other. You'll want the hands-on experience of being a nurse, you'll actually see and know what you read about in your classes.

    By the way, it seems like everyone who enters nursing school wants to be a Nurse Anesthetist so you need high grades, great practical knowledge, and great references (this is why you need to work as a nurse beforehand). Good luck to you!

  • You'll need at least two years of acute care experience after your Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

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    I think the amount of time you work really depends on the schools you apply for since you will need to work as a RN before application. It is a great degree and you will get paid well; however, of course there is a LOT of responsibility. Please check out this website for information:

    Good luck with everything!

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