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I want to download & install windows 7, presently using vista home premium; I want to know about the following:

1. Do I need to format my PC first? If yes then HOW can I access my PC & internet as I will lose the OS by formatting?

2. Can I download it now with vista in place, how will windows 7 take over in this case or please let me know what I have to do in this case after I download windows 7?

3. After installing windows 7 do I need to download & install anything else like drivers, software programs, etc. or the present drivers will work also on windows 7?

4. Do I need to delete vista; when & how?

5. Presently I have 140 GB free on C (Maximum space 218 GB) and 14.6 GB free on E (Maximum space 14.6 GB), 3 GB ram, 2 GH, 32 bit.

PLEASE answer in detail as I do not know much about this subject. THANKS

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    1. You need to burn the install to a CD (for windows 7, probably a DVD). When you're done, shut the computer down and start up with the CD in the drive -- it should boot to the CD rather than Vista.

    2. You can either do an 'upgrade' from Vista to 7 which will try to keep all your programs, settings and such, or wipe everything and start with a clean slate. I recommend the second option as long as your files are backed up.

    3. You're going to have to install all new drivers for your computer. You might want to go to the website of the company who makes your computer (for example, Compaq or Gateway), go to the page for driver downloads, and get all the drivers for windows 7 saved to a disc or thumb drive *before* you do the upgrade.

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    As you are currently running windows vista, microsoft has made an easy upgrade to windows 7 for vista users.

    When you open the windows 7 setup, you only need to choose upgrade. It will keep your documents, pictures, music, almost everything you earlier have.

    It will just make a folder named windows old in the same drive, where all the files from the windows folde of vista will automatically go. You can delete it afterwards, if you wanna, as it becomes useless after that.

    Now your problems:

    1. No, you don't need to format your PC first, nor at the last.

    2. Yes, you can download it now with vista in place. You just need to run the setup.exe from the folder where you downloaded windows7.

    3. See, if you have a branded computer, you won't need any basic driver, such as mouse, keyboard, display, battery, audio, video, bluetooth, ethernet, LAN, etc. But, it may vary with the manufacturer, whether windows has any preconfigured driver files for additional hardware, such as fingerprint scanner, touch input; etc. If windows doesn't have those, you can download them from the manufacturer's website, or you can use the one that came with your computer. If windows doesn't recogonizes those, then it runs a compatibility test, and asks you to choose the windows version on which you used that earlier. Then just choose windows vista from the dropdown, and choose RUN. It will install them.

    But, in case of non-branded computer, the parts may be from manufacturers unknown to microsoft, hence, its pretty common that windows doesn't install some of drivers itself. For that, you need the manufacturer's CD, or download from the net.

    Rest, any programs installed like nero, power DVD, anti-virus, web browser, games, etc may /maynot be removed, depending on their compatibility with the new version of windows. You can reinstall them later.

    4. No, you don't need to delete vista, but you can remove the windows old folder from the primary drive, as it is no longer needed, as vista is gone. It won't contain any of your documents or pictures.

    5. Windows will take about 10-12 GB of space to store its files. Rest space will be available for your songs/music/videos/anything you need to store.

    Recommended RAm is 2GB(you have 3, enough)

    Windows doesn't need your E drive.

    Any problem? Comment on my blog, or IM me

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    First Make Your Vista To SP1 Then it Easily Upgarde to Win7.

    I HAve Experence With This Issue For More Info Mail Me.

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    no install cd let it go

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