Permanent Home remedy from Acid reflux?

Dear All, I am Nabin from Nepal, and i want the permanent remedy from Acid Reflux. Please tell me, what is the best home remedy for Acid Reflux. I am really distressed by this. Thank You!

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  • Alan D
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    1 decade ago
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    I stopped taking antiacids and observed what foods were upsetting my stomach. I found I can't eat bread or cereal at night. I am assuming that it is the glutton. Also real spicy foods after noon are not good.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Natural means : natural. Reflux is as unnatural as it can : the opposite direction of natural. What about your reactivity? Meditate on the shoulders. Be aware of the shoulders in action. Sometimes there is a lot of reactivity in the upper ribcage. In this way you can, after a while, get to know yourself. About reflux, babies have because of NATURAL reasons, a need for the EARTH element. This is just a image. If earth is not in the family, the child cannot receive it. Treating the parents is often much more important than treating the child. Giving a kind of diagonal hug (one hand under arm on shoulderblade) and the other on the top of hip, every day for at least 10 attentive minutes, is the most beautiful present you can give your child, and yourself as a present (10 min each side)

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    6 years ago

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