Career options in or nearing painting n creativity?

I can draw well n have creative abilities. what are the things that i can study after class 12 in this line?

i want to pursue bachelors n masters from any govt. college. What are the job options that i am likely to get?

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    You can always go for fashion designing if you are creative and can sketch well

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    Dear Debjani, The very first thing to know and feel is you've to leave yourself open to yourself for the art field. Let your heart show you the way in which field of art you want to go.

    Since there are several fields in the art So I can't point out at one particular field-like others-to advice you that can lead you in the state of confusion. And that's what happens mostly in this time of life because this is the time when you are selecting things for yourself that decides the whole coming life. And, obviously! one wants to choose a career that suits or flow with heart not with mind, especially in the case of creative persons.

    According to my experience, since you are doing your school and you sound like you are in 11th or 12th standard. So good amount of time is there to prepare for bachelors degree.

    Your wording gives a feeling that you are a creative person and want to go in the same line.

    You can go in different art streams like-

    1. can go for 4 years bachelors art degree from any College of Arts. Any collage of art has 4 main streams id est-

    I- Applied Arts II- Painting III-Graphic Art IV-Sculpture

    the very first year goes with a foundation course that contains the taste of all these four streams. So that one can taste all of them and then ca decide easily after one year in which stream one likes to or one has to go. And after one year a student becomes very much clear to go for the specialization for left three years.

    But you have to decide the college yourself because few Art Colleges are not good enough-for example Collage of art- Chandigarh is not good for those who seriously want to come out with a good bright career in art. It is just a glamorous place for those who wants art for name sake. I'll prefer to choose a government art collage only, in India.

    Otherwise one can choose an art college out of India as well after so much research. If you have good enough money. But for creativity no one can beat India so better to go for Indian art colleges.

    Spend good amount of time on search on internet and from other people around you continuously. Internet has made the things quick and easy and everything is available on net now.

    but you have to go for a coaching before filling up the forms for the Entrance Test. And you need to go for a good hard work to bring out the hidden skills in you. This whole process is very much interesting. And allow yourself to go through that. But stay open for every learning like pencil shading, water colours, freehand drawings and human figures, imagination, how to accept others when they criticize your work and how you have to know you are going into right direction.

    2.can go for Fashion/Textile Designing- search on the net for the same.

    3.Art and Craft Degree- There's only one college in all over India that's in Jaipur(Rajasthan). But I do not like the production(passouts) of this college. I always found most of them like they are blocked with creativity.

    4.Then NID(National Institue of Designing), Ahemadabad is there. Log-on to there website for their courses.

    best of luck for you for choosing what your heart guides.

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    Web design is the most profitable of all. you can also work for advertising, fashion and photography.

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