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Why is life so boring and routine?

I find my life so boring. I try to do something new but I find overall my life is very routine. I wake up, eat breakfast, go to work,come home and eat dinner and the next day I repeat. I sometimes go to dinner with my friends or parties after work. On the weekend, I sometimes join a club, go shopping, or hang out with friends. What I mean is that I do different things each weekends but the choices are the same. For instant, this weekends I join a club and the next weekend I go shopping and so on. I find this boring and routine. What can I do to have a interested life or is this life and I just ask too much in life?

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    Some of us need the very routine you describe. It allows us to feel safe because life repeats itself over and over each day, with the same dependable, unchangeable pace and substance.

    You've heard the one about, "If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade."

    Think of the positives when you bemoan your tedious routine. You have total stucture without doubt about how to pay the rent, buy food, stay out of the rain. And you're not giving yourself the credit you've earned. You are the architect of your life and have made it exactly what it is. Safe!

    Keeping it intact is a wise thing. Perking it up with a few minor changes seems like a good idea. Perhaps a few new friends with different styles and interests would help. Don't be timid about trying out new things, all the way from food to where you hang out.

    The trick here is to protect what you've established but be daring enough to try new things, new people, new places to go. Only you know what is interesting to you. Let yourself be drawn to that thing, that activity.

    The truth is, life doesn't happen to us as though it has a will and a mind of it's own. We make life happen and it usually reflects who we are by the choices we make.

    If it is boring you are boring. This calls for new action, new thoughts, new friends, new destinations and something different for breakfast beginning tomorrow morning. So? Onward and upward. Seize the day!

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      the 'Best Answer" is unfortunately still a superficial one.. if you *really* want to know the much 'deeper' answer down the 'rabbit hole',.. then please see my answer below.

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    It is simple, you can plan to do something amazing. For example, you can plan, research and prepare to travel somewhere far away or to build something unique. Maybe you can try thing that you will not ordinarily would try like eating food from a country you barely know (if you live in a big city, it is very probable that there is a non-traditional foreign restaurant) or try to go for shooting your friends in a airsoft field. You can join a sport league or a hobby group. There is a lot more places in the world than malls and clubs, you only need to see around.

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    Hello! I agree with you that sometimes daily activities that are repeated over and over again can be boring. But there is one thing that I suggest you do:

    Go to the public library - spend time there and you may run into a book that will give you a new hobby or something. For example, you may find an awesome music instruction book that will help you start playing a musical instrument in no time.

    Have a fun life! =D

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    It's not your fault life feels mundane, that's how things are set in order. What i have found that is really helpful is to do things you normally wouldn't do that requires some commitment. A friend told me that finding yourself is the true nature of why we feel this way. Try everything new, things you really wouldn't give a second thought to, best of luck.

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    you are not alone .. there are actually people like us (although perhaps not a majority in this world/society, obviously.. ).

    I've found that people who likes this "reality" and don't really like fantasies nor fictions (which are -again- in Majority on this planet) are usually lacking creativity & imaginations.

    So don't bother too much with them.

    J.K Rowling in her Harry Potter series even gave those kind of people its own term: "The Muggles".

    so again, first thing you need to know is that you are *not* alone.

    and then, you can search even deeper & deeper, and then even find new friends with same/similar traits, and/or somewhere you belong..

    google these for starter: Maladaptive Daydreamers , Indigo , Starseeds , Lucid Dream, Astral Projection, Gnostic/gnosis, Esoteric/Mysticism, Virtual Reality.

    good luck~

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    I was just thinking the same thing...trying something new or different

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    Life is so boring and routine because people ask dumb questions.

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    Run through a strip mall naked and plead ignorance

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