Cbse Class 10 result (India) : Is 9.4 a good CGPA?

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Mathematics - A1 Science - A1 Social Science - A1 English - A2 Hindi - B1 Is this an average or a good result? Languages ruined everything for me. And is it necessary that i more
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  • Anu answered 4 years ago
you've surely got a good CGPA !
I don't think the percent calculator is actually right. if any person got a CGPA of 10, then his/her percentage would only be 95%. This means that no one can get above 95%.
Even I 've got the 10th result:
Mathematics - A1
Science - A1
Social Science - A1
Hindi - A1
English - A2
CGPA : 9.8
The only thing I want to say is that if we think technically may be we've got more marks than the one who has got the CGPA 10.
Anyways, Congrats !

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You TOTALLY got my point. This grading thing is very inaccurate, unpredictable and pointless. I would've preferred to see my actual marks rather than assuming things.A person with CGPA 10 might actually have a less percentage than the one with 9.6 etc.And yes, a huge congrats to you too :)
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  • Sweta answered 4 years ago
    Actually you have a good result. You might be feeling bad because you just missed 90% for a few marks but don't worry you will surely do even a better result in your higher classes. You can just go to the site

    and see your % in your subjects.
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  • Rupesh answered 4 years ago
    it is nice you over all get A1
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