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Do Maharashtrian people eat that much of chilli and spicy food everyday?

Now I'm in Nagpur. I always have a hard time while taking my lunch and dinner in the local restaurants here.

Aap log itna tikha khana kha kaise lete ho? Pls don't mind... :)


What is most famous recipe of Maharashtra? I wanna try it.

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    No it is not like that. Being a maharashtrian myself, I have tasted every maharashtrian dish and only a few of them are spicy. Things like Puran poli, besan laddu, modak are just great and not spicy.

    You would be amazed to know that even I am in Nagpur at the moment and you would love the santra barfi of here!!!!!

    It is not that tikha though, you might have only tasted the spicy dishes. Go in the market and ask for Santra barfi in Nagpur.

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    Well, not really. People in Maharashtra don't eat very spicy food. In Nagpur though, its a little spicy. You may find it too spicy because you are not used to eating that kind of food. Where are you from, by the way?

    Some famous recipes are Puranpoli(sweet-to be eaten with ghee or milk), Modak(sweet), Pithla-Bhakri(staple diet), etc

    Well, I can't remember more. And sorry, if you cant pronounce the names of the dishes. If you are from North India, then I'd like to tell you that Modak looks much like a Momo. But it tastes extremely different. Try it. Hope you like it. I hope, I was helpful. Enjoy in Nagpur.:)

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    Maharashtrian food is not half as hot as what Andhra people consume.Why,even people from some parts of Tamil Nadu eat spicier food .Maharashtrian delicacies include usal,misal,pitla,batata wada,

    puran poli,shrikhand etc.Try them all and enjoy yourself.And have a nice day.

  • spyrd
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    No i don't think so as I lived in Maharashtra for years and didn't find the food spicy. Yes certain restaurants did have spicy food and and even in North side they have spicy food !!

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  • Tiya
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    I like Maharashtrian food. The speciality of Maharashtrian recipes is Spict taste. My fav dish is Puran poli. Its a sweet dish..

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    If you are in Nagpur try Saoji's available only in's supper hot.....but speciality of Nagpur....ask any auto wala for a Saoji restaurant...he will take you to

    Other than that Kholapuri dishes are very spicy.

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    i like incredibly spiced nutrients. whether I basically like particular styles of spicyness. Curry, Indian form with various curry powder is tremendous scrumptious. chook's eye chillis, cut back in tremendous small strips, soaked in soya sauce to accompany noodles and rice is likewise on suited of my checklist. in spite of the fact that, peppery spicyness - i do no longer particularly like

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    all indians do.

    my solutions.....put the prep. on sieve an d pour a glass of water through it....then

    (i)sprinkle it with MSG and/or soya or any sauce.....for orientals

    (ii)top up it with cream/curd/cheese......for continentals

    this you can practice in restaurants as well.

    all mah... dishes equally good.

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    hmm..u should travel Saurastra,Gujarat..then you put Maharashtra on rank 2 for eating chili....

    famous recipe

    puran poli



    vada pau

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    no i think people from UP and Bihar eat lots of spicy food and chilly me lol

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