What if some ""INEVITABLE"" happened?

If some ""inevitable" happened to me or to other members of my Contacts, how the other members know it???

This question is applicable to all Y/A members as I feel all of them should have their favourite contacts.

I hope nobody report this question or Y/A management do not remove it as it is in the interest of all Y/A members.


I expect more Stars from my NON-CONTACTS & also my contacts as I feel this question should reach maximum Y/A members and we all can get on&others opinion on this.

Update 2:

@@@AALUNGA & ALSO Other Y/A Members: Can you suggest some ways & means on this question????

Update 3:

@@Buzzzbe, I want to know your suggestions as I know you have maximum number of contacts.

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    My entire family knew that I spend considerable time in YA. All my family members know my password right from beginning. So most probably one of my family member will send message to contacts!

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  • Sir!!!

    Life is too long and we meet people and loose them. You had been in armed service and served throughout India. If you think now, how many people did you come across, and don't even know where they are and how they are? Surely you contact list is many times longer than me but to some extend I also have the same experience. Some years back, I happen to go back to a village that used to host me as a guest 2 decade back. I inquired about 2 guys, who used to be my closed friends at that time, both of them were brothers, and found that one of them died in Armed services and another one died because of some disease. These were personally known to me.

    We are on a virtual world, were we are not expected to know each other personally. I well understand your feeling, which is shown in the form of fear. However, I personally feel, the virtual world should remain virtual only. If two individuals find that they should come close and share there contact details, personal information etc, so that any happenings, mishappening will be known to each others, that would up to those two individuals. But on the public forum like this one, I think the way this operates is absolutely correct.

    Source(s): My personal views.
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  • 1 decade ago


    As of now, there is no way....

    The only clue is that the member might be absent for quite a long time (around a month).. Then you can try to contact the person by mail.

    Even then, there are many uncertainties.

    If the user has quitted using Y!A for some reason, he/she will not surely reply..

    Else, you may think that some thing has happened!!!

    Other members can know about it only if they ahve a permenant contact with atleast one of their contacts. Else, it is quite impossible!!

    Ways to make know:

    * Yahoo should introduce the "What about now" feature in Y!A. If a person is going on leave, he/she might mention it!!

    * There may be a database of Y!A member contacts (with other contact address hidden). In case of inevitable occasion, the relative / friend of the member can mail to all contacts.

    * There may be localised group of contacts based on locations- Chennai, Tirunelveli, etc in which the local group may have all call numbers of the group. If some thing happens, one among them may pass it to all!!

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  • Kumar
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Bull, to be honest there is no way of knowing such inevitable things unless someone from that member family inform others. No way Y! is going to come-up with some ideas to verify and inform contacts about the "inevitable" news. And they really don't care, today it will be user1 tomorrow it will be user2. Even if they had paid obituary announcements, definitely someone will misuse and create bad names, followed by big law suit on Y!

    Best option is to have a open diary and have contacts email/phone number written down. Practically family members go through diaries during such inevitable times to make announcement.

    To be honest, I really don't care because that is part of our life. I would hardly feel for 5-10 minutes (including family members) and convince myself that they are in a better place. My friends are same type too!

    Life goes on whether I am in or not!


    Source(s): My personal view
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  • 1 decade ago


    A nice question.

    For sure with the present settings, hardly a contact would come to know about the inevitable of his contact.

    There is a system, used by few forum. There will be a feed back from the forum stating " we really miss you since......... ( the last login date and time ), asking you to visit the forum again.

    If this is still further enhanced there can be a way. Like if you wanna YA account, like in banks another YA account holder should endorse.

    So if the account holder gets this message "we really miss you since......... ( the last login date and time )" , for some fixed number of time say 10 time, it would send the same massage to the person who endorsed at the time of opening the account.

    Then in that case the endorsed person would give the forum either he left YA or he is busy/unavailable, or else would state the Inevitable thing happened, Which the YA team could state in its separate section stating so and so....

    Again system can be formed, but its up to the user to use it properly or the account holder may sew YA for giving wrong message!

    [ i was out of YA due to a serious illness and hospitalization two years back, except Yahoo group which i belonged to inquired & worried, non of my YA contact ( other than that group ) i hope searched or questioned or emailed of my absence. ]

    So its better to have one to one email contact at least to know about your friends/contacts in YA.

    May God bless you sir, for your concern.

    Source(s): 11-06-10 - EDIT : one of our contact's son is undergoing a surgery ( piles ) today. i donot want to mention the name of the contact as i donot know how the contact may feel to bring such matters in public forum. THIS for YOUR KIND INFO & ATTN.
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  • A.V.R.
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    If you mean death, then that ego has ended. Whatever is left will not have any interest in YA. All earthly matters will be irrelevant.

    On another forum on bonsai I noticed that the death of a popular member was reported in the general category by another member, who was his friend and neighbour. One can perhaps entrust the job to a concerned relative to put on the blog page of YA.

    Personally I, like the Arab, prefer to steal silently away and be quietly forgotten.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well i can go pages and pages on.....the latest one

    last time i travelled by vaigai from tambaram to trichy I got the ticket reserved and planned well so that there should not be any tense in the last minute i reached tambaram station well in advance by 12-30 p[.m half an hour before the arrival of the train checked up the ticket water bottle everything in order i reached the correct platform got confirmed it then the position of the D2 COACH then one said everybody will give their own answer you go to the noticeboard and find yourself yes i went and noticed it is the fifthe compartment i am sure then made some enquiries and come to a conclusion that where the compartment will stop and i took rest coolly. but fate is inevitable you know

    when the train came i was at the wrong end i have to run some 15 compartments carrying my two bags holding them in two hands just when i was nearing D6 i heared the whistle i rushed up and by the time the train started i was near D4 and i have to get in hurriedly by a whisker iwas about to fall from the train but managed as i was holding two bags in two hands Oh what a tension?


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  • 1 decade ago

    using time as a trade off there is one simple method that YA! could employ the profiles of users should be deactivated by YA! if not used for a prolonged period of time and activated back only when the regular user logs in again ..the profile deactivation and activation notice should be sent to all contacts ..its much like the way you cannot delete your profile on facebook ..you can disable it and enable it when you log back in ..so in this case if you do not log in for a long time ..your profile will be disabled and a notification would be sent to all your contacts ..they would then know that either you have quit it or the inevitable has occurred ..because you wouldn't be reply even to email sent to your email Id if the inevitable occurs ...

    the cons of this is that YA! would have to provide an ability of deactivasion and acivation for every new user that joins YA!and also to existing members ..this may prove to be costly

    EDIT:actually we can reduce the time even furthur by sending the deactivision notice if the account is not used for a period of 2 weeks max ...incase you were out for 2 weeks then even if your profile was deactivated can be reactivated by you logging in(just like facebook) and then again a activision notice can be sent to all your contacts

    EDIT:oh I just thought I saw a YA! meeting notifications in one Sri Vidhyaji's questions ...so I guess you could meet up sometime and give your contact number to all ..

    Source(s): just my idea
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A good question. we all pray for good and the god will us streangth to avoid '' inevitable ''. you are good, your heart is good, you come with good questions, besides whether for you or not, for manni's sake and her strong ''Thaali baagyam'', i guess you will cross 100 or atleast touch the 100. i am sure. now i wish to give answer to your question. No one knows. The asked questions will go voting. No problem with answers. Only after some gap of days or one or two weeks, the contacts will get a normal doubt. But, the contacts can not do anything. They will forget.

    what to do ?

    For this only yahoo meeting arranged and it helped to know each other. They exchange address phone numbers etc.,They can talk and discuss. If on the absence of member, the other member can phone and know matters.

    (he...he..i am also like you not attended...not attended...not attended..)

    please think positively and no need to think negatively though it is a good.


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  • Unless you have permanent contact (directly or by email) to your contacts or one of their relatives/friends, I don't think there is a way to know. People disappear from Y!A for long times for various reasons like exams, some work or maybe some tragedy.

    Like the above answers have suggested, Yahoo! could get registered friends or relatives to inform all contacts and fans via some form if something happened. I fear that could be a bit tedious though.

    As of now, there is no way.

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