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Is Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dtsi a strong and reliable bike ?

I greatly like the Pulsar 220 DTSI bike but I wanted to know if it is strong enough and reliable to last many years...please help...

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    no its not a strong bike u can say

    it has a sporty look which makes it good a lot for a year but after that it looks wors

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    Strong, reliable, good- such words do not do well with a Bajaj bike. Its poor build quality and suspension would leave your bones shaking within a few months. Also, note that cheap and fast is not always good. Its handling is not great, hence no use of the speeds on winding roads.

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    for the reason that this is your first bike, follow any sort from the Hero Honda selection. do no longer fool your self that for the reason which you're a 6 footer something below a Karizma is under your dignity. don't get into that seize. Your skill to journey properly and get extra satisfaction will rely plenty on the variety you journey and how properly your motor vehicle is maintained. it quite is a sluggish and sluggish technique. staying power is the main. stay to inform the story. secure driving for some years is better quite than being a flash interior the pan.

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    No. Its not that reliable. Can't last for "MANY" years.

    Remember, Cheap and Fast is not reliable, Cheap and Reliable is not Fast, Fast and Reliable is not Cheap!

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    it ok but not strong like a honda, or suzuki etc, so you would be better of getting a bike with a better name

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