What to write in an application to various college?

colleges like Ivy League, Harvard

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  • 1 decade ago
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    if your taking about the Common App, where you put your extracurricular activities, put all of your club activites, awards, any sports, volunteering experience, leadership roles, jobs, etc.

    i would focus on the major points of your ECs, placing the most important first than the subsequent importance afterwards

    provide your SAT scores or ACT, and for most students the SAT II scores

    if your talking about your essay, then I would focus on one major life changing event that perhaps may have inspired you to pursue a specific career that only that college will provide, ie in your case Harvard, or since i noticed that this Q is in India, write about your experience in India as a foreign exchange student and what you think Harvard will provide for you, the new experience you may obtain in the US, perhaps a new feel or experience in culture?

    there are numerous possibilities for your essay topic.

    HOWEVER! make sure that your essay is PERSONAL. I would not recommend writing an essay that sounds like a law student or mechanical engineer has wrote it. The purpose of this essay is to tell your college who you are, your unique qualities, your individuality, your leadership, and ultimately why that college is the perfect fit for you.

    btw there are additional supplement essays that colleges require besides the primary personal essay that you must write

    the rest of the application involves providing your high school courses, teacher recommendations, name, address, email, dob, etc......

    Source(s): have finished applying to colleges back in December 2009 and have been accepted into University of Chicago, Northwestern U., Vanderbilt, Emory, and Notre Dame U. btw. i didn't notice, but if you are a foreign student, then I highly recommend talking to your high school counselor who knows the application process as the US and foreign countries applications are a bit different and have different deadlines also, these are ONLY suggesstions, YOU ultimately will be establishing your application so you will need to give the essays a great deal of thought of what is meaningful to you that might make you stand out in front of other applicants
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