What is the best remedy for Gastric Pain?

Dear all, I am Nabin from Nepal, and would like to say that i have been suffering from Gastro Esophegal Reflux Disease(G.E.R.D) since 2 months. I am having heartburn, indigestion, and i am feeling pain in the middle of stomach and chest.I had examined an Ultrasound and X-Ray of Upper Gastro Intestinal Tract, but the radiologist result normal, and nothing wrong was there.

So, in this time, i am taking Rabeprazole Tablets, and Papaya a lot, but feel some relax by papaa, but it is not a permanent remedy for reflux.Dear all, i am searching a permanent remedy for this disease , and would like to inform that,i dont like to use too much drugs, as we know that antacids and other counter medicines are too much harmful to our body. So, in this period, i am in dilemma that, what is actually happening inside me. Is this casused by excess HCL in stomach? So how can i neuralize this acid?And, why i am having pain between stomach and chest? Is this gastric pain? Please tell me, i am in great tension, and i don't know wat to do next.

Specially Doctors or Registered Medical Practitioner are requested to give answers.Best answers would be appreciated.

Hoping to find the best Solution!


From Nepal

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    you may think this is unrelated, but you should have your tsh (thyroid ) checked, it should be in the .3 to 2 range.......gerd can be caused by out of balance thyroid

    the chest pain and pain in stomach can be gerd, yes

    otherwise you may wish to try prilosec , over the counter, for three months, and make sure you are getting minerals and viatimins you need......

    best wishes

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    gerd occurs when the sphincter between the stomach and the esophagus is stretched and allows gastric acids to splash up into the esophagus, over time this causes esophageal erosion and can lead to esophageal cancer. You need effective treatment with prescription medications. Cimetadine comes to mind, but there are many others.

    You can help yourself by losing weight, eating smaller meals, and when you sleep sleep with your head elevated so gravity will help keep your stomach acids where they belong.

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    I know of this great nutrition called Formula 1, it helped me loose 10kg in 3 months and im still taking it regularly and I can feel my body getting younger and more healthy. This same Formula 1 and another drink called aloe drink are good for your condition. These are not medicines but very natural foods and nutrition for your body. If you like to know where to find this just email me at synegyn_NX1@yahoo.com.sg i will try to help:)

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    Acid reflux can be caused by diet and drinking coffee or strong tea.Caffeine can cause it.

    Spicy food as well.I had it.Took a acid blocker that helped it took a year to get over it.Not bothered by it much.Feel better.

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    mix one or two teaspoons of baking soda into about 1 cup of water and sip it over about 3 minuets.. it works for everyone I've ever seen use it.

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    i had laprasole this is good it saved my life

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