What is glow sign board?

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    Glow Sign boards glows due to the effact of illuminance. glow sign boards are made of Neon,acrylic, PVC flex, polycarbonate and others.

    these are used in quick turning areas, accident prone areas, dark zones, lane merging zones and centre verge because at night when light focused on these boards they absorb some light & bright for some time with the help of absorbed light.

    You can also read this in 12th stranded book of physics.

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  • 7 years ago

    Glow signs board is a special type of sign board. It illuminates at night. It is made of combination of Neon,acrylic, PVC flex, polycarbonate and others.


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    Glow Sign

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    A glow sign board is a bill board or sign board which illuminates at night.It is-A printed vinyl/flex or some other sheet fixed on a metal box frame in which lights(tube lights,bulbs or cf ls) are fixed to make bill/sign glow at night or in dark enviorments.

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