Are evolution and Christianity mutually exclusive? Can you believe one and the other?

It is not an atheist mis-portrayal of the "Christian position" to say that scientific theories like evolution are opposed to Christianity. Christians define what the “Christian position” is before this conclusion is made. It is a mis-portrayal of Christianity by Christians and atheists, however, to say that all of Christian theology and biblical interpretations are opposed to evolution. If you are having a debate with a Christian and they define Christianity as a belief system that excludes evolution, then you can say that evolution and that persons understanding of Christianity are mutually exclusive.

Here's a quote from a Christian apologist website: "... those who suggest that we not concern ourselves with “peripheral” topics such as creation and evolution, and that we instead “just preach the Gospel,” fail to realize that the Gospel includes creation and excludes evolution.'


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    No they are not, and yes, you can.

    You only have to be against Evolution if you believe in Literal Creationism...

    Which also requires you to believe that every word of the Bible is literally true.

    Which requires you to believe that bats are birds, that some birds have four feet, that the Sun goes around the Earth, that rabbits chew cud like a cow, that grasshoppers have only 4 legs, and a whole lot of other things any fourth-grader knows aren't true at all, but which the Bible says.

    This answer will be thumbs-downed by Satan-worshippers.

    Source(s): Anyone denying the Bible says these things has never read it. I have.
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    Faith and reason go very well together.

    Science and faith go well together.

    There is nothing that science can throw at Christians to disprove any Christian doctrine.

    Science confirms Christianity.

    There are some "fundamentalists" who misread the bible.

    Catholics can and do accept evolution as a possibility.

    The late great John Paul said that evolution is more than a theory.

    Of Course we believe that God started it all and controls it.

    Even the big bang is compatible with Christianity.

    Evolution has its scientific problems. How would you disprove evolution? What could be discovered to disprove it? For a theory to be scientific it has to be able to be disproved. So to some degree evolution is not scientific.

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    There are many different Christians, and not all believe the same things. Catholicism, though once behind the times scientifically, is one form of Christianity that says that evolution and God go together just fine. In fact, Jesuits are famous for education and run some of the finest Catholic universities in the world, where science research is being done that is at the forefront of biology and other science. I know, I graduated from a Jesuit university myself. One of my professors was one of the leading HIV experts in the world at the time.

    There is overwhelming evidence for evolution, it really is not a theory anymore. The rules of the universe, quantum physics, biology, and all other science are beautiful. And they mesh perfectly with a belief in God.

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    I would say no. You either believe the egg came first or the chicken came first. I believe the chicken came first. This is backed up by Genesis 1:20-22. This account covers the creation of the animal kingdom. Then at verse 22 God said, "Be fruitful and become many..." in regard to the animals. So according to this, God created the animals and endowed them with reproductive powers. Which means life came from life and that life is our creator Jehovah God.

    If you believe the egg came first then there was no creator and life came about by happenstance. So you see that logically you cannot marry evolution with creation. It was either one way or the other. I hope this helps you. And I pray that this has sparked an interest in learning more about our creator Jehovah.

    Source(s): New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, being a Jehovah's Witness, and
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    Thousands of years ago, a primitive tribe of people wrote down some legends about where they came from. Of course, they would end up writing down something like what's in Genesis because what other explanation could they have come up with for the existence of themselves and the world. In 325 ad when the Bible got put together, the Catholic church at the council of Nicea put Genesis into the Bible and it has been part of the faith ever since then.

    I'm not religious but I don't see any reason why a person would have to believe in the stories of Genesis in order to have any sort of faith...

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    They are mutually exclusive.

    IF you decide that you believe the Bible, then understand that the Bible says that in 6 DAYS (hebrew = "yom"), God formed all the animals and man on earth.

    The definition of "yom" is right there in the Scripture, "There was an evening, and there was morning, and then one "yom" (day).

    If you decide to let each day represent 1,000 years, evolutionists would disagree that it only took 6,000 years. More like 6 MILLION years.

    So, if each day represents 1 million years, you have a rotation of the earth around its axis that lasted 1 million years - 500,000 "years" of night (talking about any one particular geographic region, of course), followed by 500,000 "years" of daylight.

    That, too, is not conducive to evolution - or even to life at all.

    Furthermore, if the earth were rotating on its axis once in every 1 million years, what kind of energy would be required to speed it up to its current 24-hour rotation cycle? Rather, friction would cause the earth to stop completely, and subsequently fall into the sun.

    So, Biblical Creation can NOT include evolution. They are, as I said, mutually exclusive.

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    Well I'm a Christian who believes in Evolution. Many don't like that, but oh well. Evolution seems more likely then Adam and Eve. I will never be able to bring myself to believe that the earth was created 6,000 years ago, dinosaurs and humans lived together, Eve being made from Adam's rib. And a talking serpent,

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    Almost right, it is actually evolution and being an American that is mutually exclusive.

    Christians the whole world over, apart from those controlled by the USA, accept evolution as fact.

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    No scientific fact or theory is "opposed" to christianity. Science looks for and finds facts and explanations with evidence to back them up. That's all. Whether or not those facts or explanations happen to disagree with some "belief" is irrelevant, and science doesn't care. It's neither for nor against any religion, it doesn't care about religion.

    Your problem lies with "belief" -- belief is worthless. It requires no evidence, no thought, no examination, no debate -- nothing. Anybody can believe in anything, whether what they believe in is factual or not. If you base your life on belief, you're likely going to find conflicts with all sorts of things -- because belief isn't grounded in reality, and reality will rear its head everywhere. You can either ignore reality and stick with worthless belief, or you can embrace facts and reality. Up to you.


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    Yes they are exclusive. Can you believe in both? And not be Christian!

    God's Word clearly states in the Genesis account

    ( GENESIS 1:1)In [the] beginning God created the heavens and the earth

    And then shows the details and stages

    ( NOT being technical here);



    earth and water separation


    Clearing of the atmosphere

    great sea monsters (Dinos)

    Domestic animal


    @Doom Shepherd

    Share your source


    Genesis was in the "religions" writings before the 325 counsel of Nicea.

    Jesus as well as the other NT writers quoted from the Bible extensive ly. Jesus said

    at Gen 19:4

    In reply he said: “Did YOU not read that he who created them from [the] beginning made them male and female

    right out of Genesis

    Genesis 1:27) And God proceeded to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.

    (Genesis 5:2) Male and female he created them. After that he blessed them and called their name Man in the day of their being created.

    Quoted about 32CE and written about 41CE

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