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What is the difference in pronounciation between 'Iraq' and 'I rack' ?

From an American pronounciation perspective

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    The correct pronunciation of the country is "ee rak". Calling it "eye rak" just shows that the speaker is an ignorant fool.

  • They are pronounced in the same way.

    Iraq may not be the "proper" way to say it (similar to how an American would probably pronounce "Okinawa" as "Okuh-naw-wuh"), but it is the way most Americans pronounce it.

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    well, the proper way of saying Iraq is 'eerahk'...

    Source(s): from the middle east
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    they are pronounced the same way

    only the context in which they are used (in speaking) can tell them apart

    hope i helped!

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    bad spelling,Iraq is the right answer

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