I'm looking for a teen writing website...?

I'm a teenager and I really enjoy writing fiction. I'd like to find a website on which to publish some of my works, but I'm having trouble finding one. I've been looking around, but a lot of them only allow publishing under a particular writing prompt, have a word limit, make you register under your school, etc. I'm just looking for a site where I can openly share my writing with others my age, and get some feedback. Any suggestions?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You could also try http://fictionpress.com and see if that suits to what you're looking for.

  • 3 years ago

    in the previous you address a different it would be efficient to work together in some writing workouts and write limitless short memories so which you get your ft moist. Writing a authentic novel takes quite some understand-how and artwork. Why do not you subscribe to a pair of arising writing classes in college or at your community library or park district. you will get coaching and critique. you will be able to desire to start this way in the previous you ever think of of writing a different.

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    9 years ago

    Check out the Writers Unite community!

    You can enter contests here: http://writersunite.webnode.com

    Or just share your writing here: http://wugallery.webnode.com

  • 9 years ago

    wattpad.com is really good. It's easy to use, and it's the most popular teen writing website.

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  • 9 years ago

    What the two people above have already said: fictionpress and wattpad

    Source(s): I've read stories from both sites.
  • I would recommend 100% http://www.webook.com -- it's incredible how many features there are.

    Next would be (whoops, gave the wrong link lol) http://www.inkpop.com -- but it can hardly compare to WEbook.

    Source(s): I'm Mightypen_Girl on WEbook. Long-time user. :)
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