What is in drugs that make us feel the way we do...?

When taking drugs, like cocaine, mdma etc, what is it that gives people the feelings of euphoria and such? Also, what determines whether you will get a 'good trip' or a 'bad trip'.

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    There is a lot of confusion in your question. But its like this

    MDMA/MDA/ = 3,4 methalyne di-oxy meth-amphetamine. Like ANY amphetamine the methane compounds will create energy and a slightly euphoric state.

    Cocaine is done by the naturally occurring compounds in its leaves (sorry IDK much about that)

    But TRIPPING is a whole different game

    Acid/LSD = Lysergic Acid Dyethelamide (spelling?) which is made from the refinement of Ergot, a mold found on grains - mainly wheat. and tricks the brain and nervous tissue into absorbing and releasing chemicals which are mainly only released when sleeping, so it's like having a dream while awake.

    Mushrooms/ DMT = pretty much the same a s LSD but a slightly different compound called psilocybin - to the same effect

    A good trip vs. a bad trip leans heavily on a lot of different stimuli.

    (AS AN AVID USER OF HALUCINAGENS ) I Can tell you this with absolute certainty:

    1) ONLY trip with people you TRUST

    2) NEVER go out on your first few trips

    3) Take small doses and work your way up

    You WILL get a body feeling AND if it's decent get visuals

    Then there is the wide, wide world of RESEARCH CHEMICALS.......and those are the funnest of all but hard to come by and if used by amateurs can be deadly.

    Best info on the net - www.erowid.org

    And PLEASE for the love of God, BE CAREFUL IN YOUR EXPERIMENTS. Drugs are not toys and this is not a game. There is NO reset switch if you **** this up.

    Source(s): @ Dark Enders: Please get yourself educated. If you don't KNOW WELL what you are talking about, you will get people hurt or killed. So until you get educated about what happens to what parts of the body during experiences with various chemicals, just keep your mouth shut.
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    Drugs make you feel the way you do by affecting your brain chemistry. There are chemicals in your brain that carry messages from one axon to the next. The gap between axons is called the synapse. Once the neurotransmitter has done it's job, it is reabsorbed Drugs affect the way these neurotransmitters work in several ways.

    Most drugs that cause euphoria are associated with dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for feelings such as pleasure, excitement, energy, and confidence. Cocaine and amphetamines work by blocking the reuptake of dopamine in the synapse, which means you have lots and lots of dopamine active in the synapse, so this increases energy, confidence, and produces euphoria.

    MDMA (ecstasy) also inhibits the reuptake of dopamine, but its main action is by causing your neurons to release massive quantities of serotonin. Serotonin is also partially responsible for mood, but is responsible for feelings of love, happiness, and contentment. This is why ecstasy makes people feel all lovey and want to go around hugging everybody.

    Neurotransmitter releasers and reuptake inhibitors are the two main ways drugs work, but there other ways. There are drugs that can bind to neurotransmitter receptors. Heroin is an example of this. Your body produces natural chemicals that make you feel good called endorphins. Endorphins are usually after exercise, during orgasm, or after an injury to dull pain. Endorphins bind to receptors to produce this effect. Heroin can also bind to these receptors. However, since the amount of heroin one consume in a dose is far greater than the quantity of natural endorphins, the effects are greatly exaggerated, producing euphoria, contentedness, and all the effects of natural endorphins. Another drug that binds to receptors meant for chemicals your body naturally produces are the benzodiazapines, like Xanax and Klonopin. These drugs mimic GABA, which regulates brain activity. These drugs are used to treat anxiety, which may be due to overexcitement in the brain, and these drugs bind to GABA receptors, thus inhibiting certain brain activities. This also results in relaxation, and is some people euphoria, which is why these drugs are sometimes abused.

    Okay, this ended up being pretty long, but the short of it is this: Some drugs cause the release of neurotransmitters that make you feel good. Some drugs block the reuptake of neurotransmitters that make you feel good, leaving more of those neurotransmitters active in the synapse. Other drugs mimic natural chemicals in your brain and bind to receptor sites and make you feel good.

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    The chemicals in them screw around with your brain. So it changes your perception of things, even though in reality nothing actually changes.

    The tradeoff is that your psych prefers this kind of perception and hence the addiction. Also, you sacrifice yourself physically to achieve these "trips".

    In the end, you just left with a hollow mess of a person.

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    Chemicals, and how you feel.

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