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    You're a couple of years out of date with this one. In 2008 a blogger in India, in order to attract as many hits as possible to his blog, started spreading some ****-and-bull story about the Sun remaining in the sky for 36 hours on October 17th. I've had to delve into my Hoaxwatch files to locate this one, so I may as well reiterate all of the list by way of a warning to people not to believe everything they find on the internet.

    Hoaxwatch Update

    Results in so far:

    August 27th 2008: Mars will appear as large as the Moon. Prediction failed.

    September 10th 2008: Large Hadron Collider will destroy the world. Prediction failed.

    October 14th 2008: Alien spaceship to appear. Prediction failed.

    October 17th 2008: Sun to remain in the sky for 36 hours. Prediction failed.

    May 15th 2009: Nibiru to become visible from Australia. Prediction failed

    August 27th 2009: Mars will appear as large as the Moon (again!). Prediction failed

    August 14th 2010: Sun to remain in the sky for 36 hours (again). Prediction failed

    Current score: Hoaxers 0 Hoaxbusters 7.

    Up next:

    August 27th 2010: Mars will appear as large as the Moon (yet again)

    Long term:

    2012: Various ridiculous predictions too numerous to list here.

    2036: Asteroid Apophis to collide with the Earth.

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    That's the 400th anniversary of the the crowning of French king Louis XIII.

    It's 100 years since the death of Julia Ward Howe.

    It's a Christian Feast Day, for Catervus, Ignatius of Antioch, Marguerite Marie Alacoque, Rule of Andrew, and Richard Gwyn.

    It's the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

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    Newspaper publishers will find something to put on their front page, as they do every day. So in that sense there will be something special about the day.

    But I don't think it will be notably different from any other front page this year.

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    sun related (36 hours), did u get any mesg. It's a rumor

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    There are no indications of anything astronomic happening.

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    Nope. We all grow older and get closer to our deaths.

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    my friend jaya's brother birthday

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