What are the remedies for energy crisis?

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  • GABY answered 4 years ago
What Energy Crisis? The crisis is only that by depending on Arab oil we are over a barrel. We have plenty of energy with Coal and Oil, but we want to reduce CO2 production as well.

More Conservation Programs now. Change our electrical rates so you pay more for using more!
More drilling for oil now! - get away from as much Arab oil as possible, for our security.
More Nuclear Power for future - reduce oil usage
Supplement Nuclear with Wind and Solar in locations where effective.
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  • Jason Culden answered 4 years ago
    You can help by using the energy in your home wisely, for example, when lights is not in used turn it off. Make discipline from yourself.


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  • sreekumarharitha answered 4 years ago
    Use energy saving lamps such as LED lamps. Avoid using common bulbs/sodium vapour lamps
    Use solar energy/wind energy to the maximum.
    As one person said, 'LIMIT OUR NEEDS'. I am underlining that suggestion.


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  • Sunny answered 4 years ago
    1. Waste control
    2. preventive idle running
    3. increasing efficiency of an equipment or a process
    4. plantation
    5. exploring other energy sources
    6. pooling of cars or use of public transport system
    7. the list is never ending------------------------
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  • Deepak answered 4 years ago
    Reasons For Shortage of energy:-
    *Priorities are lopsided.
    *Poor management.
    *Lack of accountability.
    *We waste about 12-15% of energy due to poor distribution.
    *misplaced use of energy is rampant in industries.

    Remedies may be as follows:-
    *Generating Electricity from Hydel Power Project And Thermal Projects.
    *Nuclear Energy Promotion should be done.
    *Instead of coal, we can use Biomass as a better solution.
    *Wind energy is too in excess infront, so we can harness enrgy from here too.
    *existing thermal plant can be used on natural gas instead of expensive furnace oil.


    I just muggled around and found this.
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  • Abhishek answered 4 years ago
    use of non-conventional energies solar,wind,hydel are yet to set their feet properly the biggest problem lie i think is not in their efficiency rather its the initial cost involved,lack of public awareness & unwilling government backing due to industrial sector pressure...alternatives have always been there but we are really waiting for them to become remedies
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  • pankaj s answered 4 years ago
    use solar power, wind energy, hybrid power, bio mass hydro power.. these all are remedies....


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  • raju answered 4 years ago
    Dear, Observing 'Earth Day' has played a major role and the interest shown by people is also remarkable. There are other options available with us which require little attention by all of us. The willingness to do something good is a great thing. Saving energy by applying several available methods can allow us to enjoy it for more hours to make everything brighter. So let's pledge to saver energy for the betterment of all.
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  • mssanu s answered 4 years ago
    Allocate sites for dumping of waste
    Use hygienic condition prevail in landfill methods
    Provide adequate space for waste
    Incinerating cause much air pollution
    Don't use direct methods as it directly affect the seeps of surface water into ground water
    Biotic environment adopted by means of sustainable approach
    Use aerated windows than A.C.


    Environmental strategy
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  • Abhishek Appu answered 4 years ago
    the ban no patrol vehe and use of soloar energy and v might c one more grate dip all over the world and many more kos 's can be can remedies for energy crisis .... there is race 4 super power in terms of energy in this world now..
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  • Anonymous answered 4 years ago
    Its a tough job to reduce the present energy consumption after excluding the wastage or misuse.
    But alternative sources can be adopted like bio-fuels, solar or wind energy, hydro energy or even the tidal,geo thermal energy. these sources can together reduce the energy crisis to a great extent.

    The bio gas plant are also use to produce manures as the raw materials are all biological or biodegradable waste that are generated by us which are mixed with water and stored in a bio gas plant. after that the gas produced can be used for cooking purpose and even in producing of electricity. the waste product excluded from these plant consist of solid and liquid waste. the solid one are the manures of best quality where as the liquid one are one of the pure and most eco friendly fuels and can be used to run generators and vehicles and can easily reduce the ue of diesel as these fuels last long than diesels.
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  • ts@greenpastures answered 4 years ago
    Its purification only and nothing else.
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  • thor answered 4 years ago
    Don't use so much energy!
    Quality insulation in an average house will raise it's price by $2-3000, but will pay for itself in 3-4 years.
    Larger diameter copper wire (above code) will pay for itself in 19 months.
    Leave the countryside to farmers and retirees. There is no need to commute 20-130 miles each way every day to work.
    Live in a smaller house- easier to clean, costs less, uses fewer resources to build and keep warm/cool.
    WANT LESS. Most of what I have now I don't really need, and I have less than most people.
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  • Tuncay U answered 4 years ago
    rem ed...1*keep clean everywhere2*dont worry.be happy3*new resarches4*to be nice for environmental faktor


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  • deepak57 answered 4 years ago
    Re-planing of towns from horizontal to vertical; to use gravity in-favour.
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